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# [[Menu:Tools#Load_an_objective_file|Load contest objectives]] (optional)
# [[Menu:Tools#Load_an_objective_file|Load contest objectives]] (optional)
# [[HamCAP|Interface HamCAP]] (optional)
# [[HamCAP|Interface HamCAP]] (optional)
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'''«''' [[Main Page|Back to Main Page]]

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Articles on how to configure Win-Test...

One-time configuration

Some of Win-Test's configuration only needs to be done once and is saved for future contests. This includes:

Interface configuration
How to control your rig, CW keyer, DVK, SO2R interfaces etc.
DX Cluster configuration
How to connect Win-Test to DX Clusters, CW Skimmer, or TNCs using wtDxTelnet
Rotator configuration
How to connect Win-Test to your rotators using wtRotators
RTTY configuration
How to set up Win-Test for RTTY
How to set up Win-Test networking in a multi-op environment
Win-Test Initialization file
Changing Win-Test default parameters in WT.INI file

Pre-contest configuration

A description of what one needs to do prior to the start of each contest with Win-Test:

  1. Create a new log for the contest - Also describes how to re-open an existing log and how enable automatic loading of a log when Win-Test starts
  2. Download the latest country file - Select CTY_WT_MOD.DAT instead of CTY.DAT for best results
  3. Install the latest super-check partial file (MASTER.SCP)
  4. Set up DX cluster access
    1. Via telnet
    2. Via packet radio (TNC)
  5. Program Digital Voice Keyer (DVK), CW and RTTY messages
  6. Position windows and set fonts
  7. Install contest-specific databases for exchange guessing (optional)
  8. Load contest objectives (optional)
  9. Interface HamCAP (optional)

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