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Why don't I see any packet spots in Win-Test?

Win-Test provides a separate program called wtDxTelnet to connect to packet cluster nodes over the Internet, and to other devices (TNCs or CW Skimmer). wtDxTelnet then shares these spots with one or more copies of Win-Test via local TCP/IP broadcast messages.

Both Win-Test and wtDxTelnet have to be configured to use the same broadcast address and port number, or else packet spots will not be seen by Win-Test, even if they are displayed OK by wtDxTelnet. You also have to uncheck the box labeled Disable communication with Win-Test in wtDxTelnet.

  • If you are using a single computer for both logging and cluster connections (e.g. single-op assisted class), follow the procedure for Configuring wtDxTelnet (single-op environment). It explains how to use the "loopback" address so that all communication between Win-Test and wtDxTelnet stays inside the computer, instead of going over the LAN.
  • If you are using multiple networked computers, and want to share spotting information between them (e.g. multi-single, multi-multi), follow the procedure for Configuring wtDxTelnet (multi-op environment). You only need to run wtDxTelnet on one computer in your network, not all of them.

In both environments, it is essential to configure the same broadcast address and port number in both programs.

Why do I see lots of cluster traffic in the Alt-O window, but only a few spots in the band map?

Win-Test's band map windows automatically filter packet spots based on the radio's current band and entry class (CW, Phone, Mixed), as defined on the Contest Configuration screen. Spots are further filtered by the band plan that you have selected there.

All DX cluster spots have a time-stamp indicating when the spot was posted by a DX station. Spots have a certain lifetime. They "expire" after they reach a specific age, as defined in the Band Map Properties dialog. Expired (old) spots never appear in the band map.

How can I connect to other DX Clusters?

You can always manually change DX Cluster properties. However, there is a list of DX clusters wordlwide integrated into Win-Test.

  1. In wtDxTelnet, select Options | DxCluster Properties and then press the search button
  2. You will be prompted with a list of all known DX Clusters who support telnet access
  3. Just click on one of them and then OK and the new connection data well be stored

Why do I see many duplicate packet spots in Win-Test?

If your PC has both a wired Ethernet port and a wireless LAN (WLAN) adapter active and connected to the same network, disable one of them.

Only run one copy of wtDxTelnet on the network.

When using Ethernet networking, do not select Network on any serial port. When using rig control, make sure that the proper serial port is marked Radio 1 or Radio 2, and configured properly.

Can I make wtDxTelnet start automatically when I start Win-Test?


  1. In Win-Test, select Options | DX Cluster ... | Local wtDxTelnet | Start/stop automatically
  2. In wtDxTelnet, select Options | DxCluster Properties and check both:
    • Autoconnect at startup
    • Try to restore connection automatically

Can I connect to more than one cluster or to both CW Skimmer and a cluster?

Yes. Just start another wtDxTelnet window (Start | All Programs | Win-Test | wtDxTelnet), but specify a different hostname / DX Cluster. You need to run one copy of wtDxTelnet per remote cluster, TNC, or CW Skimmer.

For CW Skimmer running locally, use:

  • Hostname/IP: localhost
  • Port: 7300

If running wtDxTelnet version 3.0 or higher, create two or more wtDxTelnet icons, one for each cluster and one for CW Skimmer.

  1. Create a copy of the wtDxTelnet shortcut, perhaps named wtDxTelnetSkimmer
  2. Modify the target in the properties of this shortcut by using the -i parameter. For example:
"C:\Program Files\Win-Test 4\wtDxTelnet.exe" -i wtDxTelnetSkimmer.ini

Once this is done, this instance of wtDxTelnet will use its "own" ini file (named wtDxTelnetSkimmer.ini in this example) and the two instances of wtDxTelnet will operate independently.

Win-Test can only automatically start one instance of wtDxTelnet, and that instance will always use the hard coded wtDxTelnet.ini file.

All ini files are saved in the Win-Test /cfg directory. See File | Explore | /cfg directory.

Can I make multiple copies of wtDxTelnet start automatically and connect to different clusters?

No. Win-Test does not support starting more than a single copy of wtDxTelnet automatically, but you can start as many copies as you need manually by adding a wtDxTelnet shortcut to your Windows desktop or to your Windows "Quick Launch" bar.