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This will create a new Win-Test file. Please see elsewhere for a detailed description.


This will open an existing Win-Test file. Please see elsewhere for a detailed description.


Closes the current file, but remains in the Win-Test environment. The way to switch logs without having to restart Win-Test.

Create Log Files

Text command shortcut: WRITELOG

Creates log files to be sent to the contest organizer for checking (usually Cabrillo), or to import into your personal log book software. Note that not all formats are available for all contests.

The "Create Log Files..." dialog box

Select the files to be created, optionally add comments (soapbox), and specify a name to be used for the files. You may also specify a target directory path that is different than the log file directory

For more details, please see Creating.

Backup contest

Saves a copy of the complete log file in a backup directory, which has to be specified in the Options | Automatic backup dialog. If this directory is embedded in a floppy disk, it has to be present in the drive A: while executing this command. The file will have an additional .bak extension (test.wtb.bak for example). To use this backup file, just rename the file without the .bak extension.

Warning: A 1.44" MB floppy disk will accept no more than approximatly 7,000 QSOs!


Creates a timestamped zipped file in the log directory of the files related to the current log that are selected. Warning: Archiving audio recordings file that are usually pretty large can take a while... be patient!

When archiving, the full path of the generated zip file is copied to the clipboard.

Update database

Allows to enrich the database of the contest with the datas from your log. If a callsign already exists in the database, the attached datas in your log may replace those in the database. If the callsign does not exist, it will be added, with its attached datas.


Comfortably open the Windows Explorer in one of Win-Test's directories.

The "File | Explore" dialog box

Most Recently Used

The next menu block lists the last four most recently opened files. This will let you switch between files quickly.

Most recently used Files List


This selection will Quit Win-Test and will bring you back to the Windows environment. Before using this command, don't forget to complete your last QSO!

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