Multi-op/Deleting QSO

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Deleting a QSO mid-contest in a multi-op situation

If you need to delete a QSO during a contest it is recommended you do NOT use the menu option Edit | Delete QSO as this will have the consequence of deleting the QSO in the log at your operating position only but not network-wide.

Instead, replace the callsign of the QSO you wish to delete with your callsign (specified when you created your log). For example, if you are using the callsign G6PZ and you wish to remove the QSO with CE1ABC, replace the CE1ABC callsign with G6PZ. Later, when it comes to merging and exporting the logs, there is an option to delete all QSOs with yourself from the log.

In a Multi-Multi environment the QSO rate can be very high, therefore it can be useful to check Menu | Edit | Move in my log only. Please refer to the Menu:Edit Move in my log only chapter in this manual for a full description of this option.