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This will create a new Win-Test file. Please see here for a detailed description.


This will open an existing Win-Test file. Please see here for a detailed description.


Closes the current file, but remains in the Win-Test environment. The way to switch logs without having to restart Win-Test.

Create Log Files

Creates log files to be sent to the contest organizer for checking or to be imported into your personal log book software. Note that not all formats are available for all contests.

The "Create Log Files..." dialog box

You tag the formats of the files to be created (at least one), possibly add comments (soapbox), and specify a name to be used for the files. You may also specify a directory path different from the main .wtb file, in which the log files should be created.

Cabrillo is the de-facto standard log submission file today. All of the major HF contest sponsors accept entries in the Cabrillo format. Please find details on Cabrillo in [1]. Note that Win-Test allows importing Cabrillo files so that old log files may still be loaded and used as a reference or to create a objective file.

REG1TEST is the format proposed by the IARU Region I VHF Committee (mainly driven by EDR) and has been widely adopted by national amateur radio organizations. REF, DARC fully accept electronic logs in this format for all of their contests above 30 MHz. To create the file, you will have to fill in some information like equipment used, location, antenna height etc. For further details see [2].

ADIF (Amateur Data Interface Format) is used as a way to exchange amateur radio logging data between different applications. Most logging software will accept and can create this format. For further details see [3].

Depending on the file type created, several options are available.

  • In the Cabrillo file you may chose to create the log as a check log, export only a specific band, or suppress the club header line in order to avoid problems with the ARRL log robot (ARRL does not accept Cabrillo files which mention clubs not affiliated to ARRL).
  • For the text and CSV file type you may select or unselect columns, different date formats and have a choice to add empty fields to the output.

Backup contest

Saves a copy of the complete log file in a backup directory, which has to be specified in the Options | Automatic backup dialog. If this directory is embedded in a floppy disk, it has to be present in the drive A: while executing this command. The file will have an additional .bak extension (test.wtb.bak for example). To use this backup file, just rename the file without the .bak extension.

Warning: A 1.44" MB floppy disk will accept no more than approximatly 7,000 QSOs!

Update database

Allows to enrich the database of the contest with the datas from your log. If a callsign already exists in the database, the attached datas in your log may replace those in the database. If the callsign does not exist, it will be added, with its attached datas.


Quits Win-Test brings you back to the Windows environment. Before using this command, don't forget to complete your last QSO!

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