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Setting up the MK2R for use with Win-Test

Advanced SO2R mode and setting up scenarios requires external SO2R control equipment of the last generation, communicating with Win-Test via a USB port. MK2R from MicroHAM has this possibility.

Setting up the technique

The user must check in the menu Operating | Technique | Advanced SO2R.

Setting up the [Shift] key for secondary radio

The user must check in the menu Operating | Shift binds to the secondary radio.

Setting up the [Caps Lock] key for secondary radio

The user must check in the menu Operating | Caps Lock binds to the secondary radio.

Setting the SO2R Control box

Shown below are screen shots of a step-by-step setup procedure.

Device Router COM ports creation

COM ports creation

Device Router COM ports setting

COM port setting

Device Router Audio Switching setting

audio switching setting

Device Router Audio Mixer volume setting

Audio Mixer volume setting

Device Router PTT and FSK setting

PTT and FSK setting

Device Router Internal CW Keyer setting

Internal CW Keyer setting

Device Router CW Messages setting

CW Messages setting

Device Router FSK Messages setting

FSK Messages setting

Device Router DVK Voice Messages setting

DVK Voice Messages setting

Device Router Keyboard setting

Keyboard setting

Device Router SO2R Behaviour setting

SO2R Behaviour setting

Device Router ACC port setting

ACC port setting

Device Router SO2R Audio switching setting

SO2R Audio switching setting

Device Router SAVE your setting

SAVE your setting

Device Router Overall Device setting view

Overall Device setting view

Device Router set Win-Test Interfaces configuration

Win-Test Interfaces configuration

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