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Other files in the Win-Test directory:

  • wt.ini: Win-Test's initialization file. It contains information saved from the previous Win-Test session, including file name, callsign, grid locator, address, window positions and color settings. DO NOT MODIFY - unless you know what you are doing! Starting wt.exe with the -i or --alternative-ini parameter allows you to select a specific .INI file. This way you can create templates for different situations, and use different desktop icons to select them. For more information, see WT.INI.
  • cty.dat: DXCC countries file. Updated by AD1C. The latest version is available at http://www.country-files.com. Since November 16, 2007, Jim also took over maintaining these Win-Test specific files:
    • cty_wt.dat: Extended DXCC countries file. It contains CQ and ITU zones for VE and VK prefixes and for most of the Russian call areas. The latest version is included in AD1C's file set.
    • cty_wt_mod.dat: Extended and detailed DXCC countries file. Initiated by F5IN based on the cty_wt.dat file. It contains CQ and ITU zones for former US prefixes, Lat. and Long. coordinates and time offset for many country exceptions. The latest version is included in AD1C's file set.
  • cty_cmw.dat: Commonwealth countries file (used in the RSGB Commonwealth contest).
  • cty_cqm.dat: R-100 countries file (used in the CQ M contest).
  • cty_eec.dat: European Economic Community countries file (used in the UBA contest).
  • cty_obl.dat: Russian oblasts decoding file. It also contains Ukrainian oblasts (used in RDXC). The latest version is available at http://download.win-test.com/files/country/.
  • mode.dat: Allocation of CW, SSB, RTTY sections inside amateur bands. Used by Win-Test to gather the mode of the incoming DX spots by frequency. It may be necessary to adapt this file to your needs especially on 40m CW. Note: The use of this file is deprecated since the band plans feature has been introduced (v. 3.2.0).
  • gridsquare_map.bmp and map.dta: Files used by Win-Test to draw the gridsquares and world maps. You cannot edit them.
  • (*.dat): Regional multiplier and equivalence files. Depending on the contest, they allow Win-Test to accept alternate abbreviations for ARRL Sections, Canadian Provinces, U.S. States, U.S. Counties, Russian Oblasts, etc. The latest equivalence files may be downloaded from http://download.win-test.com/files/equivalence/
    • ariprov.dat: Italian provinces (ARI Contest)
    • arrlsec.dat: ARRL/RAC sections (ARRL Sweepstakes and ARRL Field Day)
    • naqp.dat: U.S. States and Canadian Provinces (North American QSO Party)
    • na_sprint.dat: U.S. States and Canadian Provinces (North American Sprint and NCCC Sprint)
    • oblasts.dat: Russian Oblasts (Russian DX contest)
    • states.dat: U.S. States (ARRL 10m, ARRL DX (DX side), and CQWW 160m contests)
    • veprov.dat: Canadian Provinces (RAC Canada Day and Canada Winter contests)
  • callsign.pat: Located in the extras directory, this file contains syntactic rules for callsigns