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Non Multipliers

Sometimes the multiplier station makes a QSO which turns out not to be a multiplier. This could have been an oversight by the operator, or the logs were not in sync, or the new RUN station operator forgot to change its status. This violation is indicated by WT showing four exclamation marks (!!!!) in the QSO entry line, like this:

QSO   Bd  Time     Callsign  Sent N°    Rcvd   Mult  PtsStn      
   1  15  11:23  DF2RG        599 001 599001  DF2     1  R
   2  15  11:24  DK2OY        599 002 599001  DK2     1  R
   3  15  11:25  DF3CB        599 003 599001  DF3     1  R
   4  20  11:26  DF2PY        599 001 599009  !!!!    1  M
   5  15         _            599 004 599             0  R

Problem: if you leave the QSO in your log, you will probably be penalized. If you delete the QSO from your log, DF2PY will be penalized without him having made any mistake.

So, how to get out of this dilemma?

  • make 20 meters the new RUN band immediately, change the status of that QSO to RUN and go!
  • work DF2PY again on the same band and mode later and delete the first QSO (by replacing his callsign by yours)
  • leave it to the contest administrators; you may probably lose some QSOs because of violating the 10 minute rule (if there is any)

Note that can also occurs if your station/computer is supposed to toggle between RUN to MULT status in a Multi-op effort. If you were a MULT station, and start a new run without inadvertedly changing your status to RUN, this tag will remind you to do so! You can also use Alt-Y (or Ctrl-F3) to toggle the RUN/MULT status of a previous QSO.