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Messaging gabbing in Win-Test allows stations in a multi-op situation to send messages to one another, for example to alert an operator of another station that a multiplier has been moved from one band to another, etc.

Sending a message to another station

Sending a message to a specific station (or all stations) on the network is simply a case of using Alt+G and typing the text you wish to send. You will notice a drop-down list just to the left of the text entry field which is where you choose which station you wish to send the message to - by default, this is set to 'all' to send the message network-wide.

By default, the message gab (Alt+G) window will look like this:


After you have typed your message, simply press ENTER (or click the 'send' button).

Receiving gab messages

Using Alt+I or using the Windows | Gab menu option will open a separate window within Win-Test that shows all recent gab messages that have arrived at your operating position. Please note that you do not need this window open constantly to receive gab messages from other stations on the network - it shall open automatically when a message is received and close again automatically after a short period of time.

Alt+I can be useful to see a message that might have been sent earlier, or perhaps if you somehow missed the last message sent to your operating position you can use Alt+I to view the message.

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