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Often in a multi-operator networked environment, QSOs are logged before the actual start of the contest for practice purposes, and also to test the network for RFI issues. How do you remove these QSOs from all logs right before the start of the contest?

It is possible to do this without having to exit Win-Test, rename files, etc.

Saving the Practice Log

First, to save the practice log, one machine should make a copy of the .wt4 file beforehand, using Windows Explorer, or the copy command in a Windows Command Prompt window. You may also use the SAVELOG text command to back up the practice log provided Automatic Backup has been properly configured. Or use the COPYLOG text command that duplicates the current log file (.wt4) in the current log directory with a timestamp (to the nearest second) added in its name.

Using the Remote Commands dialog to clear the log on all networked machines

To clear all logs on all machines, enter the REMOTE text command on a single "control" machine. This displays the Remote commands dialog. This dialog lets one machine run a single text command on all networked machines and the local machine, simultaneously.

Run the following text commands in this order to clear all QSOs from all logs:

  1. NOSYNC -- disables log synchronization. You cannot delete QSOs without doing this first.
  2. CLEARLOGNOW -- this removes all QSOs without asking for confirmation. Use with caution! This may take some time to complete. Watch the gab window for confirmation before executing the next command.
  3. SYNC -- enables log synchronization to resume

You will need to use the Remote Commands dialog three times to send all three commands. Each time, be sure to press [All] to select all remote PCs, then check "Apply this command also locally", then type the command and press [OK].

The REMOTE dialog sends the NOSYNC command to the local PC and to all networked PCs

After each command executes, the Gab window will display a message confirming that the command has been executed remotely.

The gab window confirms that each remote command has been executed

After completing this procedure, all networked machines should be cleared to zero QSOs, and you are ready to start the contest.

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