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Mailing the generated Cabrillo or Reg1Test file to the contest sponsor is easy, but a few details should be noted:

  • The name of the log should be identical to your callsign, like DQ4W.LOG. If your call contains a slash, use "_" for a replacement, like VR2_AA1ON.LOG.
  • The Subject line of your mail message should usually contain your callsign and the category, for example "DQ4W M/2", but this is not always true. Please check the Log submission specific rule, in the official rules of each contest (see ARRL, for instance: E-mail log submissions should include ONLY the participant's call sign in the SUBJECT: line.).
  • Make sure you are sending to the correct address. Often, a robot will receive and confirm the log file you send. The correct address should be taken from the current contest rules. A good collection of contest rules with links to the original sites is available from SM3CER.
  • The log should be sent as an attachment to your message - and not included as text.
  • Do not ZIP the file, send it along as it is.
  • If your file is rejected by the robot, please carefully read the reply message. It often contains hints on what's missing. Try to add the requested information and then send the file again.
  • If your file was received OK, a confirmation message should show up in your mailbox after a few minutes (sometimes this takes a few days, depending on how the contest sponsor processes the logs). Also, if the contest sponsor lists received logs on the Web, be sure to check if your log is listed there, in the correct category. If nothing is received and nothing shows up on the Web page, it is your responsibility to re-submit the log or contact the contest sponsor.