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What is the Win-Test network protocol?

The Win-Test network protocol is used for communication between the computers running Win-Test. It is based on UDP broadcasts (Wikipedia:User Datagram Protocol). Please see Networking for information on how to configure networking in Win-Test.

In a networked environment, can we mix different versions of Win-Test?

No. As usual, you must have the same WT version on every connected computer.

It is important that ALL computers on the network are running the SAME Win-Test version! (For example do not run version 4.0.7 on one computer and version 4.1.0 on another.)

UDP error opening socket #10013 and #10038 Errors

Installation of some HUAWEI HSDPA USB MODEM drivers is known to cause these error messages to appear whenever you try to use Win-Test networking. Please try the following:

  • Disconnect the Huawei USB modem
  • Uninstall the Huawei modem drivers via Control Panel, Add/Remove programs or the icon supplied with the software, if any
  • Delete or rename the Huawei sub-directory, if any, found under C:\Program Files
  • Test Win-test networking
  • Reinstall the Huawei modem drivers, but use a a newer software driver.

There are reports that a newer driver for the Huawei USB modem may fix the problem. But if you no longer need to use the Huawei device on the Win-Test machine, do not install a new driver.

Please check the value of the following registry key using Start | Run | regedit in Windows:

(REG_DWORD, Value 0,1, Default=0)

If it is set to 1, set the value to 0.

Reference: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc781532(WS.10).aspx
See also: http://lists.f5mzn.org/pipermail/support/2009-December/079147.html
(thanks DL2ALF)

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