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I bought Win-Test on the web with my PayPal account since several days, but I haven't received any CD-ROM ! What's wrong ?

Actually, you will never receive any CD-ROM. Win-Test is only downloadable on our web site. Win-Test is not available on CD-ROM or any other media.

I bought Win-Test on the web with my PayPal account since several days, but I haven't received my registration key ! What's wrong ?

Once our server has received your payment, it automatically sends an email with instructions to register your copy of Win-Test. This email is sent to the email address you provided on our purchase form. First, check you have received this email, by checking your inbox and your junk/spam box (if any). Some antispam software discard this email because it is written in three different languages. Secondly, read it carefully. It explains how to register your copy of Win-Test.

I received your automatic email, but my registration key is not in ! What's wrong ?

You should have carefully read this email. It explains that you have to go to the registration page on our website, and fulfill this form to request a key. Our server will then send you a personnalized registration key to the email address you provided when you bought Win-Test.

I went to your registration page but the form requires a computer code. I totally dismanteled my computer and I can't find it. Where is it located ?

Actually, you can re-assemble it now. As the instructions email and the registration page clearly indicate, this computer code is located in the registration dialog you will find in the Help | Register software... menu of Win-Test. Save the planet, always read the instructions !

I am hosting a multi-op station with several machines. Do I need to buy a licence for each of them ?

No. One licence is enough. The purchase of Win-Test authorizes his owner to use it on every machine he owns. But you will have to request a registration key for each computer.

I personally own a Win-Test licence. Can I install Win-Test using my identifiers on the computer of my local radio club ?

No. You can bring your own computer (laptop) if you wish to operate from the radio club, even using the radio club's callsign, but you cannot install Win-Test on a computer belonging to the radio club, using your personal Win-Test account (licence). To install Win-Test on the (or one of the) computer(s) of the radio club, the radio club itself must have its own licence.

I personally own a Win-Test licence. Can I install Win-Test using my identifiers on the computer brought by my mates who come home for a multi-op effort ?

No. You are only allowed to install and register Win-Test on your own computer(s). Your mates need a personal licence to install and use Win-Test on their own computers.

I have registered the Win-Test licence to my personal call. Can I use it with a different callsign, like a vanity one?

Yes. The operating callsign can be different to the registered callsign. When you set up your contest, you can choose here any callsign you will operate with.

My local radio-club owns a Win-Test licence. As a member of this club, can I use its identifiers to install and register Win-Test on my own computer?

No. The radio-club licence allows to register Win-Test on the computers owned by this club only. If you need to register Win-Test on your own computer, you must buy a personal licence.

I have registered Win-Test on my desktop computer. Can I register it on my notebook (or my other computer), and if so, how to do it?

As you own both computers, you are allowed to install Win-Test and register it. Just request another key for your notebook on our website. Obviously, as the computer code are different for each computer, the registration key you will receive will be different.

I just upgraded to Win-Test V3. But my license is gone?

You have to enter a new registration Key for Win-Test V3. If you would like to have Win-Test V2 installed at the same time, You must install V3 into a different directory so you can have both registration keys installed.

Can I have a registered WT2 and a registered WT3 in the same installation directory?

We totally discourage it. If you want to keep and use a v2, and also use a v3, it is mandatory to install each of them in a different directory. If not, after registering the v3, your v2 will be automatically un-registered. Of course, if you decide not to keep a v2, you can install your v3, and register it, in the same existing directory.

I asked a question directly to the author and I did not have an answer !

Bad choice. Use the mailing list instead.

Where can I read the archives of this mailing list you do not stop talking about ?

You can read the public archives of the mailing list here: http://www.f5mzn.org/pipermail/support/

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