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Setting up the KX3 for CW Operation

HB9AMO describes on his personal web page] how to interface Win-Test and the Elecraft KX3 using only the KXUSB cable between the two devices, enabling to send CAT commands and pre-recorded CW messages with the F1 to F7 keys.

These are the basic points:

  • Get an FTDI driver for your Windows system
  • Set the radio's RS-232 parameters to 38400 baud
  • Configure the KX3 in Win-Test on COM3
  • COM3 will also be used to make the radio send CW. For this the N6TV K3 scripts need to be installed.
  • Setup CW messages F1..F7 using #PLAY("CQ CQ DE HB9AMO...") type messages

A detailed discription can be found here: