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I’m hosting a multi-op station with several machines. Do I need to buy a licence for each of them ?

No. One licence is enough. The purchase of Win-Test authorizes his owner to use it on every machine he owns. But you will have to get a registration key for each computer.

I am personnaly owning a Win-Test licence. Can I install Win-Test using my key codes on the computer of my local radio club ?

No. You can bring your own computer (laptop) if you wish to operate from the radio club, even using the radio club’s callsign, but you cannot install Win-Test on a computer belonging to the radio club, using your personnal Win-Test account (licence). To install Win-Test on the (or one of the) computer(s) of the radio club, this one should have it’s own licence

I just upgraded to Win-Test v3. But my License is gone?

You have to enter a new registration Key for Win-Test V3. If You would like to have Win-Test V2 installed at the same time, You must install V3 into a different directory and so you can have both registration keys installed.

I asked a question directly to the author and I did not have an answer !

Bad choice. Use the mailing list instead.

Where can I read the archives of this mailing list you do not stop talking about ?

You can read the public archives of the mailing list here: http://www.f5mzn.org/pipermail/support/

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