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Several default parameters can be set up in the Win-Test initialization file WT.INI which is an ASCII file located in the Win-Test directory. Changes in this file are necessary only in a specific situation and require a considerable amount of know-how, like using an ASCII editor. Note, that you can change the WT.INI file only when Win-Test is not alive. If you edit the file, while Win-Test runs, you will probably find all of your changes gone once you finish the program.

Generic ICOM radio

ICOM radio types are identified by a specific address for each model. So for example, the popular IC-735 has the address 04h (h stands for hex), while the IC-756pro II has 72h and the IC-729 has 3Ah. This address can be changed in the radio, which makes sense, for example, when you run two identical radios and wish to control them from Win-Test. Then you have no other choice but give the second radio a different address.

Win-Test allows you to specify two different ICOM radios in the [Interfaces] section of WT.INI, where <n> is the hex address of the radio:


For example, the setting IcomGenericRadio2=48h will use address 48h for Radio 2.

In the interfaces setup section of Win-Test, select IC-Generic as your radio instead of a specific ICOM radio.

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