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Several default parameters can be set up in the Win-Test initialization file WT.INI which is an ASCII file located in the Win-Test directory. Changes in this file are necessary only in a specific situation and require a considerable amount of know-how, like using an ASCII editor. Note, that you can change the WT.INI file only when Win-Test is not alive. If you edit the file, while Win-Test runs, you will probably find all of your changes gone once you finish the program.

Generic ICOM radio

ICOM radio types are identified by a specific address for each model. So for example, the popular IC-735 has the address 04h (h stands for hex), while the IC-756pro II has 72h and the IC-729 has 3Ah. This address can be changed in the radio, which makes sense, for example, when you run two identical radios and wish to control them from Win-Test. Then you have no other choice but give the second radio a different address.

Win-Test allows you to specify two different ICOM radios in the [Interfaces] section of WT.INI, where <n> is the hex address of the radio:


For example, the setting IcomGenericRadio2=48h will use address 48h for Radio 2

DTR always on

This setting allows you to keep the DTR line always on, no matter what data are being sent via the RXD and TXD lines. That key must be entered manually in the [Interfaces] section. x is the port number, so 1 stands for COM1 and 2 for COM2.


Note: This setting can now be easily modified within Win-Test, in the serial port parameters setup dialog.

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