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WAE DC - Worked All Europe DX Contest

The specific part on the WAE Contest is to SEND or RECEIVE QTCs.

For more information about QTCs see the WAEDC Contest Rules

You may find the following special setups useful for the WAE:

  • right-click on the Edit-Window to get the context menu and set
WAEDC -> Show additional information on qtc traffic 

  • right-click on the radio-windows to get the context menu and set
Display Options -> Potential QTC 


You should get QTC infos after pressing space to enter the RST like this (I did WAE RTTY for this and the next screen shots, just to show QTC RX and TX as well.


Here are the special keys needed for QTC RX and TX:

  • type ALT-L for QTC RX
  • type CNTRL-L for QTC TX

--DL4NER 22:07, 23 July 2006 (BST)