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--[[User:DL4NER|DL4NER]] 15:16, 4 August 2006 (BST)
    <li>[[Preface#Authors and Contributors|Authors and Contributors]]
<li> '''[[Configuration|Configuration]]'''
    <li> [[Configuration#One-time_configuration|One-Time configuration]] (things which only need to be set up once)
        <li>[[Interfaces|Interface configuration]]
        <li>[[RTTY|RTTY configuration]]
        <li>[[Networking|Network configuration (Multiop/Cluster)]]
    <li> [[Running_a_contest|Running a contest]]
        <li>[[Contest_specific_behaviour|Contest specific behaviour]]
        <li>[[Running_a_contest#During-contest_specifics|During contest specifics, S/O, M/O]]
        <li>[[Running_a_contest#Post-contest_specifics|Post contest specifics]]
<li> '''[[Menus]]'''
    <li>[[Menu:File_new|File (without a Win-Test file opened)]]
    <li>[[Menu:File_open|File (with a Win-Test file opened)]]
<li> '''More...'''
    <li>[[Icon bar]]
    <li>[[Text commands]]
    <li>[[Message variables]]
    <li>[[Supported rigs]]
    <li>[[Supported Accessories]]
    <li>[[Other Files]]
    <li>[[Release Notes]]
<li> '''Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)'''
    <li>[[FAQ:User Interface|User Interface]]
<li> '''See also'''
    <li>[http://www.win-test.com/ref_manual/en/ Win-Test reference manual] &mdash; a description of the various windows etc within Win-Test itself
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