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Hi there guys I am Juan EA5BM new wintest user. For now I am playing with this soft and I will test in proper contest.

I have a few problems with this soft I can expose. I have installed the registered version into a new laptop running winXP without serial and paralell ports (db9 and db25), all the conectors are USB :-(((((.

The first problem is how to transmit cw thorugh a usb port. DLPORTIO.SYS and .DLL have been installed, I have purchased an usb to db25 printer port adaptor, but wintest seems do not recognize.

This usb adapter is recognized in control panel/system/hardware as a Universal Serial Bus controller/ USB printing Suport but not as LPT or emulled LPT.

¿What can I do?

The second problem (not sure if consecuence of the first) is that I can not hear de cw I transmit running WT. The laptop speaker runs OK in many programs but not in WT. (f.e. pushing F1 CQ is not heard on laptop)

¿ Any idea about what is happening?

As you can deduce I am not computer techincal.

Any answer and help will be appreciated. Juan, EA5BM