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== Network Broadcast Address in a multi-machine environment. ==
This information is more detail than most people will need
The address in the example given '''may''' be different in your network. Numbers of the form 192.168.X.255 where X is 0, 1, or 2 are most common. X could be any number between 0 and 254 in your network. The last number should be 255 in all cases.
Other numbers you might see are 10.X.Y.255 and 172.N.Y.255 where N is between 16 & 31. These are uncommon.
If you have problems displaying Cluster Spots on some machines, (but the internet connection works on each machine), then click the "default" button beside the "Broadcast Address" Text Box. This should give you the same number on all machines. If if does not, then the machine with the wrong number has an incorrect Internet Protocol configuration, possibly a manual configuration set for use on another network at a different location. To correct this, set the TCP/IP properties of the interface to "Obtain an IP address automatically" and get Windows to Repair the Interface.
It is also possible to set as the broadcast address on all machines. This could correct communications for Win-Test / WtDxTelnet but any machine with incorrect IP configuration would not work correctly with other programs.

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