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CW and/or voice keyers

  • MFJ: MFJ-432 voice keyer (deprecated)
  • MFJ: MFJ-434 voice keyer
    Needs an interface similar to this one, but doesn't handle the STOP LPT pin (#2). To circumvent this, you can redefine the Escape key to F4 and record a tiny empty message in message associated with the F4 key.

Band decoders

CAT interfaces

Integrated SO2R boxes

  • W5XD Multi-Keyer
    There are some limitations with this box, especially there are known problems with the writeahead. Sorry, there is no support from W5XD for Win-Test, and the Box is not documented at all...
  • Top Ten Devices: DX Doubler: Use the default CT etc... configuration.
  • Ham Radio Solutions: EZ Master.
  • MicroHAM: MK2R The signals Headphones Control and Stereo RX Audio are now available on either DTR or RTS pins of any serial COM ports. That way, the MK2R microHAM SO2R interface can be fully controlled through a single USB cable.


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