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=Supported accessories=
==CW and/or voice keyers==
==CW and/or voice keyers==

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CW and/or voice keyers

  • MFJ: MFJ-432 voice keyer (deprecated)
  • MFJ: MFJ-434 voice keyer
    Needs an interface similar to this one, but doesn't handle the STOP LPT pin (#2). To circumvent this, you can redefine the Escape key to F4 and record a tiny empty message in message associated with the F4 key.

Band decoders

CAT interfaces

Integrated SO2R boxes

  • W5XD Multi-Keyer
    There are some limitations with this box, especially there are known problems with the writeahead. Sorry, there is no support from W5XD for Win-Test, and the Box is not documented at all...
  • Top Ten Devices: DX Doubler: Use the default CT etc... configuration. Tnx F6GOX
  • Ham Radio Solutions: EZ Master


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