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* Alt Keys: '''Alt-C''', '''Alt-W'''
* Alt Keys: '''Alt-C''', '''Alt-W'''
* Shift Keys: '''Shift-F1''', '''Shift-F7'''
* Shift Keys: '''Shift-F1''', '''Shift-F7'''
* Editing Keys: '''Shift''', '''Enter''', '''Insert''', '''Plus''' or '''+''', '''Minus''' or '''-''', '''Backspace''', '''Delete'''
* Editing Keys: '''Shift''', '''Enter''', '''Insert''', '''Plus''' or '''+''', '''Minus''' , '''Backspace''', '''Delete'''

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A Style Guide for the Wiki-based Win-Test Documentation

Simon, M0CLW: This is only a proposal. Feel free to change/adopt/expand it. I just wanted to start somewhere - Ben, DL6RAI.

This article is meant as a guideline for authors to accomplish reasonable consistency within the Wiki-based Win-Test documentation. This project was originally started by Simon Pearson, M0CLW, as an additional source of information for Win-Test users. Time after time, more authors got on board - each of them with slightly different ideas and editing know-how. So we found it's time for a style guide as this documentation will finally grow into a complete reference manual that will - hopefully - be included with the Win-Test software distribution in the near future - thus replacing the slightly outdated ref_manual document.

The guideline itself is an example how to format text, commands, function keys, screenshots and how to structure information described in this manual.


  • Use proper English.
  • What's proper should be defined by native speakers.

Structuring of Articles

  • Start with a short introduction before starting with the meat of the article.
  • The first structure level should use single ='s so that chapter titles come out as 1, 2, 3 and not as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
  • Try to group information into sub-chapters and sections so that a reader starting from the top page will quickly find the information he is looking for.
  • Add a section See also at the end of the article if you have references.
  • At the bottom of the page add a link to the next level up Wiki page. If there is none, there is always the Main_Page.

Menu Items

  • Put menu items into <code></code> statements.
  • If you have a sequence of Menu actions, use the vertical bar '|' to separate these, like this:

Options | Load contest at startup | Enabled .

Text Commands

  • Use Bold font and Capitals for all Text commands like NOSOUND, QUIT and for message variables like $MYCALL, $SERIAL.


all keys should be bold text.

  • Type F-keys as F1, F2
  • Control Keys: ctrl-A
  • Alt Keys: Alt-C, Alt-W
  • Shift Keys: Shift-F1, Shift-F7
  • Editing Keys: Shift, Enter, Insert, Plus or +, Minus , Backspace, Delete


  • The windows should come with English titles except for O/S based windows (like the file open dialog).
  • Use PNG or GIF format for the pictures. JPEG is normally not suitable for screen captures.
  • Center images and use a frame around every image allowing to include a caption, like this:
    N + 1 window (Captured call : W5TQ)


  • Try to avoid duplicate information spread all over the Wiki. Use cross-references where applicable like Menu:Edit.
  • Keep a focus - do not try to explain topics beyond the Win-Test application. Use external references where applicable like Cabrillo Specs.

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