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When operating SO2R the contester has two radios, two amplifiers, two sets of antennas, but only one computer to log all the QSOs. How to tell the program when typing a call that it belongs to radio1 or to radio2 is the question. Win-Test uses the [Shift] key to signal to what radio the callsign belongs to. This is a clever way for the operator on the fly put callsigns into the primary radio or the secondary radio.

In order to write calls in the callsign field of the secondary radio tick first in the menu Operating | Shift binds to the secondary radio.

Imagine radio 1 is the primary radio being used to RUN and radio 2 is secondary radio being used to S&P. The operator spots a new multiplier on radio 2. In order to put the call in the callsign field, the operator must press the [Shift] key while typing the call. If the operator does not press the [Shift] key then the call will go into the primary radio callsign field.

It should be noted that the operator must redefine the number keys (1, 2, ..., 0) above the letters in the keyboard for correct behaviour with the [Shift] key. On a standard QWERTY keyboard, ! must be redefined as 1, " must be redefined as 2, # must be redefined as 3, $ must be defined as 4, etc.

In order to redefine the numbers 1, 2, ..., 0 to work while pushing the [Shift] key, go to menu Tools | Redefine keyboards keys and click Add. When the program asks "type on the key to redefine" push [Shift] and number 1 together, when the program asks "type on the new key", push number 1. Do the same procedure for all the numbers above the letters in the keyboard.

Special issues

Pay attention when the / key becomes redefined as 7. In this case the user should find another unused key to redefine it as /, or to use the / key in the numeric keypad, in order to be able to type the / key on either the Primary or the Secondary Radio log entry window!

Please also note that, for some SO2R configurations, when the "Shift binds to the secondary radio" is active, you have to use [AltGr+Fx] or [Ctrl-Alt-Fx] to edit the CW/RTTY standard messages, since the [Shift-Fx] will send (transmit) the characters associated with the [Fx] key to the Secondary radio instead.

Note that this feature is only available while selecting the SO2R operating technique.