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Setting up the EZMaster for use with Win-Test

Advanced SO2R mode and setting up scenarios requires external SO2R control equipment of the last generation, communicating with Win-Test via a USB port . Ezmaster from Hamradiosolutions has this possibility.

The user must check in the menu Operating | Technique | Advanced SO2R and must check in the menu Operating| Shift binds to the secondary radio. The control SO2R box must be configured in the menu Options | Configure interfaces, select a virtual COM port and if using an Ezmaster choose for settings 19200 bits per second, 8 data bits, none parity, and 1 stop bits, CW for DTR, PTT for RTS and Both Radios active. Finally the user must set in the case of an Ezmaster control box in the menu Options | Ezmaster configuration, and choose the radios communication data. For example for two FT1000MPs the settings are port rs232 and com (cable connecting radios to Ezmaster), 4800 bauds speed, 8 bits, none parity, 2 stop .