SO2R/Caps Lock bind to the secondary radio

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When operating SO2R the contester has two radios, two amplifiers, two sets of antennas, but only one computer to log all the QSOs. How to tell the program when typing a call that it belongs to radio1 or to radio2 is the question.

Using the [Shift] key to signal to what radio the callsign belongs to is one solution but it requires re-defining the numbers above the letters in the keyboard and keep pushing the [Shift] key while typing the call to go to the secondary radio.

Another way is to use the [Caps Lock] key. While the [Caps Lock] key is activated what you type into the keyboard goes to the secondary radio.

This option does not require redefining the number above the letters in the keyboard.

To select this option go to the menu Operating | Caps Lock bind to the secondary radioShift binds to the secondary radio.