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==Logging QSOs==
* [[Menu:Options#Modify_standard_messages...|Programming messages]]
* [[Menu:Windows#Log_Entry_.28Main_window.29|Using the log entry window]]
==SO1R specifics==
==SO1R specifics==
* [[SO1R/CW_Voice_Keyer|Automated CW generation, RTTY messages and voice keyers]]
* [[SO1R/CW_Voice_Keyer|Automated CW generation, RTTY messages and voice keyers]]

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Logging QSOs

SO1R specifics

SO2R specifics

Multi-op contesting

Possible issues

Contest specific behaviour

Posting live score on-line

  • In order to post live score on-line to getscores.org you will need a third party software. Instructions and software to download can be found on the www.5b4wn.com web site.

Post-contest specifics

And finally, articles related to Win-Test and post-contest tasks:

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