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===Release information (3.1.0)===
===Release information (3.1.0)===
===Release information (3.1.0)===

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Release information (3.1.0)

Release information (3.1.0)


  • CAUTION : New network protocol version 1.14 released. Reminder : If you use WT in a networked environment, you must have the same protocol version on all machines !

New features

  • Reverse mult check (Shift-F10) : If the mults are mode-dependent, (IOTA contest, ARRL 10 for ex.) worked stations are ordered by band and mode.
  • Check mult wnd (F10) : When automatic update is engaged, any modification in the received exchange field updates this wnd accordingly. Tnx OH4JFN.
  • Check mult wnd (F10) : New CQWW DX display policy for all displayed bands. Tnx OH4JFN.
  1. The exact callsign is searched
  2. If not found, the same country with the same zone is searched
  3. If not found, the same country whatever zone is searched
  4. In all cases a zone indicator is also displayed :
    • 'Z' means the current zone is already worked in the current country.
    • 'z' means the current zone is already worked in another country.
  • Contest settings dlg : New button to help filling the exchange field.
  • COM properties dlg : New button to set default settings depending on the COM port usage. Must be tested in the real world !
  • New Tools / Data entry / Remap slash to portable in VHF+ and FD option. This only works for callsign field in the log, for all VHF+ (DXPed included) and Field Day contests.
  • Automatic and on-demand backups (Options / Automatic backup) : You can now get one different timestamped file per backup. Tnx DL5MLO @ DA0HQ.
  • Backups : If a backup fails, you are asked if you want to disable the next automatic backups, if any.
  • Partner wnd : When a QSO is entered, or got from the network, the logged callsign is checked against the content of the partner wnd, and accordingly removed from it. Tnx DL1MGB & DL6RAI @ DA0HQ.
  • Partner wnd : When automatic exchange guessing is enabled, any grabbed callsign from the partner wnd is checked and exchange field is filled accordingly. The check partial and N+1 windows are now also updated. Tnx DL1MGB & DL6RAI @ DA0HQ.
  • Sked wnd (Alt-B) : Pops up for a hot sked only if the main WT window is not iconic, to avoid visual annoyance.
  • Commands / Remote command menu item added. Only enabled if there are several stns on the network.
  • Remote command dlg : You can now also locally apply the entered command.
  • Send gab dialog (Alt-G) : If the text starts with "/me", it is replaced with the station name, and the text is emphasized with leading and trailing star character (*), a la IRC.
  • Status Wnd (Alt-J) : You can now enable (or disable) logging a summary of the network activity. Might be useful for network basic troubleshootings. This log uses the .ntk (stands for NeTworK) file extension.

Bug fixes

  • Bugfix : Under some circonstances, when a sync was in progress, multipliers tables were totally messed up ! Tnx TM0HQ and DA0HQ
  • Bugfix : Automatic backup dlg : Setting the backup file path was disabling the automatic backup. Tnx DL5MLO @ DA0HQ.
  • Bugfix : Merge progress bar title was corrupted. It now displays the master file name.
  • Bugfix : If clocks were not in sync, the offtime timer could display negative time ! Tnx TM0HQ.
  • Bugfix : INV (or INVENTORY) command : All networked stations were getting back the status, although only the sender was supposed to.
  • Bugfix : Sked wnd (Alt-B) : Under some circonstances, the scrollbar was not initialized as expected.