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Release information (4.0.1) (June 30, 2009)


  • Options / Toolbar setting was ignored on startup. Tnx N6TV.
  • ESM was broken. Tnx F1HAR.
  • Registration Key was broken.

Release information (4.0.0) (June 26, 2009)

First release of Win-Test version 4

Minimum requirements : WinXP (2k not tested but may mork - feedbacks welcome). PIII 500 MHz - 64 MB RAM - 800 x 600 screen res.

New Features

Summary of the new features:

  • Rotators Controls
  • Integrated MP3 contest recorder and player: Use the Options / MP3
 configuration to set the audo device that will record and play the
 file, the various sampling and bit rate settings. You can also set
 a maximum filesize. Over this limit, additional files will be
 automatically created. To start recording click on the record button
 of the window (a blinking red square will be displayed in the clock
 window too). Once the contest is over, click on the record button
 again to stop recording. Now, you can browse your log with usual
 arrow keys and to listen to a specific Q but clicking the Play button
 or use the AltGr-Enter combination (some keyboard do not have an
 AltGr key, so use Ctrl+Alt instead). You can also go back and forward
 with the adapted buttons or use AltGr-Left and Right. To pause/play,
 you can use the AltGr-Space combination.

- ESM (Enter Sends Message): Enabled/Disabled by the Tools/Data entry/

 ESM Enabled menu. You can also use the ESM/NOESM or ESMON/ESMOFF
 text commmands. It relies on the following messages assignation :
 F1 : CQ
 F2 : Sent report
 F4 : Mycall
 F5 : Logged callsign ($LOGGED)
 F7 : ? (or "Again ?" in phone)
 INSERT : Callsign + sent report
 PLUS : TU + enter Q
 When the ESM is enabled, as the return key *can't* be used anymore
 to log silently a QSO, the key combination Ctrl+Plus has been
 introduced and added for this purpose.

- Variable speed for the integrated voice keyer : An exclusive Win-Test

 feature! You can play your voice files at a different speed (between 
 -20% and +70%) from the original recording speed. Record your voice
 files at normal speed, and use Alt-F9/F10 (as in CW mode) to play
 them at a different speed. The speed in displayed at the bottom of
 the (Rate) Alt-R window.

- On the fly callsign pattern check based on the K1TTT callsign.pat

 file (over 400 rules applied today). Use the Tools / Data entry /
 Callsign check menu option. You are encouraged to report the author
 any mistakes or improvements of this file ( The file
 is located in the cfg directory (see below).

- Improved F10 window with graphical indication of the sun status on

 both sides of the QSO.

- Keyboard mode (Alt-K) enhanced. The backspace is not supported yet

 and replaced by "E E " like you do when you use a regular key.

- Data (.wt4) and notes (.not) files can be transferred thru the WT

 network without needing any file or directory sharing. Very
 convenient to gather all logs in a multi-stations environment once
 the contest is over. Use the Tools / Download thru the network...

- Enhanced compatibility with Vista and Seven (Auxiliary and ini files

 are now stored in directories these OS accept with no additional
 Windows XP : Documents and Settings\All users\Application Data\
 Windows Vista : ProgramData\Win-Test\
 Note that these directories may be hidden by Windows Explorer.
 Check the Folders Options of Windows Explorer.
 Several sub-directories are created and used by Win-Test. Their
 names are self-explanatory.