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* Under some circumstances, if data entered in the time field didn't follow the HH:MM or HHMM format, it could lead to a crash. Tnx N6TV.
* Under some circumstances, if data entered in the time field didn't follow the HH:MM or HHMM format, it could lead to a crash. Tnx N6TV.
* WinKey : Speed bursts were not executed if located just before the $LOGGED variable. Tnx ES5TV.
===New Features===
===New Features===
* CW Autosend : Feature temporarily disabled when Alt-Space (grab from the RT partner slot), Alt-1..9 (grab from the partner stack) and Ctrl-1..9 (exchange with the partner stack) are used. Tnx ES5TV, N6TV.
* CW Autosend : Feature temporarily disabled when Alt-Space (grab from the RT partner slot), Alt-1..9 (grab from the partner stack) and Ctrl-1..9 (exchange with the partner stack) are used. Tnx ES5TV, N6TV.
* WinKey : Speed bursts were not executed if located just before the $LOGGED variable. Tnx ES5TV.
* ARRL 10m contest : New Mexican multipliers added. The name of the database (which is now different from the other ARRL contests) is now ARRL_10M.DTB. Several XE stations (around 300) have been added in the current file: http://download.win-test.com/databases/ARRL_10M.DTB
* ARRL 10m contest : New Mexican multipliers added. The name of the database (which is now different from the other ARRL contests) is now ARRL_10M.DTB. Several XE stations (around 300) have been added in the current file: http://download.win-test.com/databases/ARRL_10M.DTB

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Release information (4.7.0) (December 2, 2010)


  • Task #300 : WAEDC RTTY : The sent QTC group number was not taken into acount by the other connected machines, and therefore the QTC numbering was garbled in M/* environment. Tnx DL6RAI.
  • Task #266 : WAEDC RTTY : No *New Mult* warning. Tnx DL6RAI.
  • WAEDC : Number of QTC to send dialog : Even if some buttons were disabled, their associated "number keys" were still active.
  • WAEDC : Sending QTC dialog (Ctrl-L) : In "show" context, and if messages were sent under some circumstances, Win-Test could crash. Tnx IW1QN.
  • WAEDC : Under some circumstances, sent QTC were not always correctly saved.
  • WAEDC : When the number of QTC to be sent is 0 (no more QTC available), all "number keys" and Enter are now ignored in the appropriate dialog.
  • Task #298 : Spacebar key didn't always work properly in the ARRL Sweepstakes contest. Tnx N6TV.
  • Task #297 : Double-click on Check Multipliers window (F10) didn't work in ARRL Sweepstakes. Tnx N6TV
  • Under some circumstances, if data entered in the time field didn't follow the HH:MM or HHMM format, it could lead to a crash. Tnx N6TV.
  • WinKey : Speed bursts were not executed if located just before the $LOGGED variable. Tnx ES5TV.

New Features

  • CW Autosend : Feature temporarily disabled when Alt-Space (grab from the RT partner slot), Alt-1..9 (grab from the partner stack) and Ctrl-1..9 (exchange with the partner stack) are used. Tnx ES5TV, N6TV.
  • ARRL 10m contest : New Mexican multipliers added. The name of the database (which is now different from the other ARRL contests) is now ARRL_10M.DTB. Several XE stations (around 300) have been added in the current file: http://download.win-test.com/databases/ARRL_10M.DTB
  • MouseWheel actions are now compatible with HiRes optical mouses like the Microsoft Wireless LASER Mouse 8000. Tnx W9ZRX, N6TV.
  • Bandmap properties : The minimum spot bandwidth is now 0 Hz (!). Tnx SM2WMV.
  • IC775 : Force narrow IF filters when grabbing callsigns in CW. Tnx YL2GD.

Release information (4.6.1) (Released only for demo and DxPed versions)


  • The default directory name for a "DX expedition (VHF and above)" log was wrong. Tnx DJ4MZ.
  • When a callsign was entered by a dbl-click in the N+1 or the partials wnd, and if this feature was set to automatic, the callsign check status wasn't updated. Tnx ES5TV.

New Features

  • COPYLOGCLEAR text command added. Equivalent to the COPYLOG command immediately followed by a CLEARLOG command. Tnx CT1BOH.
  • QTC receive dlg : New variable $QTCROW introduced indicating the QTC line number where the cursor is located. Mainly used in RTTY for asking a resent of a specific line. The default F8 button message is now "AGN QTC $QTCROW?" in this mode. Tnx DK4WA.

Release information (4.6.0) (October 24, 2010)


  • Task #296 : Check mult window (F10) was not updated properly when using in ESM mode with S&P mode selected. Tnx N6TV.
  • Under some circumstances, the default filename of a contest log could contain invalid characters. Tnx G0ORH.
  • Second zones window : The labels display option was not restored.
  • When grabbing a callsign in the RTTY window, the realtime partner window field wasn't updated. Tnx ES5TV.
  • Task #290 : On restart, Win-Test didn't remember the last SO2R scenario that was selected. Tnx N6TV.
  • WAEDC : QTC receive dialog (Alt-L). Using the INSERT key in this dlg was crashing Win-Test.
  • Task #291 : RadioWnd : Ctrl-Up/Down weren't working properly in list mode. Tnx ES5TV.
  • Under some circonstances, Win-Test could crash when started with the CapsLock key engaged.
  • Advanced SO2R CW messages dialog : The Esc and Enter keys now work.
  • WAEDC : Clock wnd : QTC in stock was always displayed for M/S entrants regardless of their location (EU or DX).
  • WAEDC : Clock wnd : QTC in stock value was not immediately updated after a Q was received thru the network.
  • EZMaster, MK/MKII/... and OTRSP setup dialogs : The Esc and Enter keys were not correctly handled.
  • Transmit QTC window (Ctrl-L) : Under some circonstances, the context-oriented background colors were not correctly updated.
  • WAEDC : After receiving QTC, the potential QTC counts in the bandmaps were not always updated. Tnx DF9LJ.
  • WAEDC : Every time a Cabrillo file or a summary file was written, the QTC counts were increased. Tnx DF9LJ, DL6RAI, and several others.
  • KCJ : TG (Tochigi) and NR (Nara) multipliers were missing in the Alt-Z window. Tnx F5IN.
  • NAC 10 : Exchange sent are now 6-positions gridsquares. Tnx SM6FKF.
  • Task #284. Your own call incorrectly counted one HQ if such an exchange was entered. Tnx TM0HQ, N6TV.
  • DX cluster (Alt-A) and radio wnds : If the SP or the LP value of the spot was 0°, heading was not displayed. Tnx SM5AJV/SE5E.
  • Task #282: Under some circonstances the QSO number displayed in the report for possible bad exchanges was wrong. Tnx DF1DX.

New Features

  • CAUTION: New network protocol version 1.25 released. Reminder: If you use WT in a networked environment, you must have the same WT version on all machines!
  • The wtArg (and wtArgument) variables are now local to the called script.
  • For phone contesting, scripts can be called from the Advanced SO2R scenarios with the #SCRIPT or #@SCRIPT notation.
  • Lua scripting: New input API:
    • wtApp:InputUpperText(Prompt, Title, Default) If Title or Prompt is empty, a default text is used. Typed letters are automatically upper-cased while entering.
  • Lua scripting: New wtGab API introduced:
    • wtGab:Send(strText[, strToStation]) sends a gab strText to strToStation. If strToStation is omitted, the text is sent to the whole network.
  • NCCC Sprint : New rules implemented. Tnx K9MMS, N6TV.
  • CQWW RTTY : In M/S category, the band changes counts are now displayed for the RUN and the MULT stations in the rate window (Alt-R). Tnx ES5TV.
  • Edition keys : To improve the compatibility with CT, Ctrl-B, Ctrl-D and Ctrl-F keys are now processed in the log fields. Tnx N5KO, N6TV.
  • WAEDC : QTC receive dialog (Alt-L) : New $FIELD variable introduced. This variable takes the value "GROUP", "TIME", "CL" or "NR", depending on the kind of QTC field where the insertion point is located.
  • New CW and RTTY options to work dupes or not. If dupes are worked, the $QSOB4 variable is ignored. The equivalent text commands are WORKDUPE/NOWORKDUPE or WORKDUPEON/WORKDUPEOFF. There is a different setting available per mode (CW or RTTY).
  • Task #205 : The $RxRy variables located in the end of a CW message, if any, are automatically appended to the content of the $QSOB4 message if played. Tnx N6TV.
  • The $QSOB4 variable can now include scripts calls.
  • The scripts calls in the CW or RTTY messages are now synchronous to the CW or the RTTY streams. To execute them asynchronously, they

can be called with the #@ notation. Example :

 -- script.wts
 wtApp:AlertBox("Hello World!");

and the CW/RTTY message content is :


The keyer sends AAA, then "waits" until the user hits the OK button in the "Hello World!" alert box to send BBB.

If the CW/RTTY message content is:


The keyer sends AAA and starts the script (and the alert box is open), *but* it continues to key the rest of the message ("BBB") without waiting the user intervention. This is the asynchronous mode.

  • Lua scripting : One new wtKeyer API introduced :
    • wtKeyer:Insert(strMessage) : Works for the CW and RTTY keyers. When used in a synchroneous script, if gives the possibility to "fill-in" data into the CW/RTTY message. It is recommanded to use it only in the synchroneous mode (see above) to ensure data are inserted in the right place. WARNING : strMessage can only contain textual data (no variable or script call). It is *not* interpreted by the CW/RTTY parser (except the +/- speed bursts).
  • Lua scripting : New wtStatus API introduced :
    • wtStatus:GetList() returns a table with names of the stations in the network.
    • wtStatus:GetStatus(strStation) returns a table with fields of the status of a given station. Returns nil if this station doesn't exist. The table keys are "band" "mode" "currentRadio" "radio1Freq" "radio2Freq" "radio1IsManual" "radio2IsManual" "passFreq" "type" and "qsyStatusId".
    • wtStatus:GetFreq(strBand[, strMode]) returns the "best" pass freq for a given band and mode. To determine this frequency, it uses the same algorithm as the $FREQnn variable.
  • Lua scripting : New wtOtrsp API introduced :
    • wtOtrsp:GetDeviceName() returns the name of the OTRSP attached device.
    • wtOtrsp:GetFirmwareVersion() returns the firmware version of the OTRSP attached device. NOTE : Some devices do not support this API, and return an empty string.
    • wtOtrsp:Send(strCommand) sends a command string to the OTRSP attached device. The trailing <CR> character is optional, and is appended if needed.
  • Scripts manager dialog usability improved. Tnx N6TV.
  • OTRSP : If the OTRSP device has controls and if they can generate events, dedicated Lua scripts are called when events occur :
    • otrspCrOn.wts and otrspCrOff.wts (not case-sensitive) are called when such a control has values 1 and 0 respectively. wtArg is set to the control number (0 to 9).
    • otrspCrEvent.wts (not case-sensitive) is called for all states of the events. wtArg is set to (256 * cr) + state (cr = control number - 1 to 9, and state = value of the state when the event occured - 0 to 255).

WARNING : If the PTT events are used, the control 0 is restricted to this usage, and doesn't fire the otrspCrOn/Off/Event.wts scripts. If the PTT events are not used, otrspCrEvent is not called when an event on this control occured. Only the otrspCrOn/Off scripts are executed.

  • microHAM devices : When an attached footswitch is used, two dedicated Lua scripts named microhamFsOn.wts and microhamFsOff.wts (not case-sensitive) are called. wtArg is set the radio number of the footswitch (0 for MK/MKII - 0 or 1 for MK2R/MK2R+/u2R depending

on the footswitch that generated the event).

  • Elecraft K3 : To circumvent erratic loss of control when used with various other devices, CAT stacked commands are now sent in a delayed sequence. Tnx N6TV, N6XI, and others.
  • Lua Scripting : New wtMicroham API introduced :
    • wtMicroham:GetDeviceId() returns the ID of the microHAM attached device. Check the Lua constants for interpretation.
    • wtMicroham:GetFirmwareVersion() returns the firmware version string of the microHAM attached device.
    • wtMicroham:Send(strCommand) sends a command string to the microHAM attached device . The trailing <CR> character is optional, and is appended if needed.


  • Contest settings dialog: The contest combo box is now divided in sections.
  • Status Wnd (Alt-J) : Code rewritten to adapt the window columns to the contest in progress : The band is displayed if the current contest is multi-band. The mode is displayed if the current contest is multi-mode, and the type (R, M, etc.) is only displayed for Multi-Op HF contests. Also, when the CQWW M/S multiplier rule is used, new indicators are displayed in the QSY column.
  • Status Wnd (Alt-J) : Rewording of "QSY Freq" to "Pass Freq". Menu items adapted too.
  • Status Wnd (Alt-J) : When operating in SO1R/Multi-Op technique, the Radio 2 freq is automatically hidden, and the Radio 1 freq is now using the same color as the other items of the line.
  • RDA Contest : All DXCC entities are taken into account for multipliers, even the Russian ones. Tnx UA2FF and RX3RC.
  • COPYLOG text command added : Duplicate the current log file (.wt4) in the current log directory with a timestamp added in its name. Useful to quickly save the current log right after a contest warm-up, just before clearing it (CLEARLOG) and start the contest. Tnx DL6RAI for inspiration.
  • MP3 Contest Player : You can now select which channel(s) - Left, Right or Stereo - to listen to. When Left or Right is selected, this channel is sent to both outputs for a more pleasant listening. Useful to listen to true SO2R stereo recordings. The shortcuts (AltGr+C for Left / AltGr+V for Stereo / AltGr+B for Right) have been chosen for their location on the keyboard.
  • WAEDC : Received QTC window (Alt-L) : The contest recorder keys are now active also in this window.
  • RDA contest : ADIF export : The first two chars of received district (if applicable) are saved as STATE field and the district (reformatted as XX-dd) is saved as CNTY. Tnx UA2FF.
  • RDA contest : For Russian entrants, a QSO with a /P Russian station (assumed to be a C1 or C2 stations) is now credited with 10 pts. Note that using /P for C1 or C2 stations is *not* mandatory (Check the note 5.2 of the English rules). Tnx UA6AA.
  • WAEDC : Received QTC window (Alt-L) : The ESC key only works if no field have been edited (and closes the dialog). If a field has been edited, the ESC has no action (except interrupting CW etc.). Tnx F5VIH/SV3SJ.
  • WAEDC : Transmit and Receive QTC windows (Ctrl-L and Alt-L): Modified wordings for some buttons, and easier usability for users, especially when using Esc and Ctrl-L/Alt-L to close these windows. Tnx DL6RAI, DF9LF, G3TXF.
  • WAEDC : Transmit QTC window (Ctrl-L) : In CW or RTTY, if no QTC is sent, the Ctrl-L and Esc keys close the dialog with no confirmation asked. Tnx DL6RAI.
  • WAEDC : Receive QTC window (Alt-L) : If no field is edited, the Alt-L and Esc keys close the dialog with no confirmation asked. Tnx DL6RAI.
  • WAEDC : Receive QTC window (Alt-L) : To improve consistency with the log edition keys, a new key set is introduced :
 Alt-Arrows : Moving from one field to another (replace Ctrl-Arrows)
 Shift-Backspace: Delete all the characters left of the cursor
 Shift-Del: Delete all characters under and right of the cursor 
 Ctrl-A: Like [Home]
 Ctrl-E: Like [End]
 Ctrl-W: Clear the current field
 Ctrl-K: Like [Shift-Del]
 Ctrl-Z: Undo field edition
 Ctrl-Left arrow: Like [Home]
 Ctrl-Right arrow: Like [End]


  • WAEDC : If the "Show additional information on QTC traffic" option is enabled, the callsign syntax check status messages are no more displayed, to free the message line for the QTC status. Only applies to the WAEDC. Tnx DJ0ZY.
  • LUA scripting : Two new global variables wtScript and wtCurrentScript introduced. wtScript contains the name of the top-most called script, with no extension, and wtCurrentScript contains the script name currently executed (no extension). For example :
 -- foo.wts
 wtApp:AlertBox(wtScript .. " / " .. wtCurrentScript);
 return -1;
 -- bar.wts
 wtApp:AlertBox(wtScript .. " / " .. wtCurrentScript);

When foo is executed, the first alert box will display "foo / foo" and the next one will display "foo / bar". Tnx N6TV.

  • Check country wnd (F10) : New option to display (or not) the sun charts. Tnx N6TV.
  • ESM embedded script : When using the SO2R advanced technique, the scenarios messages are used instead of the standard ones. Tnx SM2WMV, N6TV and F6IFY.
  • Remote commands dialog : Various different options for the notification are now allowed.
  • Script manager : Added the possibility to attach a text command to a script. You can even pass a argument with the SCRIPT/ARGUMENT syntax (ex : SCRIPT/5 will call script.wts and the wtArg value is set to the string "5" - Caution : The argument is *always* passed as a string when the script is called from a text command). If no argument is specified, the default argument defined in the script manager will be used (if any). Tnx N6TV.
  • IARU HF : Mult wnd (Alt-M) can now be copied as text (and pasted as text or directly in a spreadsheet program). Does not apply for the WRTC version that has a different multiplier rule.
  • IOTA : Even if IOTA.DAT is not installed, IOTA references that are syntaxically valid are now taken into account for points credits and are written in the Cabrillo file. Tnx SM3CER.
  • IOTA : Mult wnd (Alt-M) can now be copied as text (and pasted as text or directly in a spreadsheet program). Tnx G3TXF.
  • The check logs tools reports are now adapted to the mixed contests.
  • Enhanced replies to the inventory command (INV) with bridgehead and time masters indicators (B vs b and T vs t).
  • BRIDGEHEAD/NOBRIDGEHEAD text commands added.
  • IARU HF : "BA" added to the exception list of the cut numbers translation, despite this abbreviation is not listed as the official one of the E7HQ Society. Cf http://www.iaru.org/iaru-soc.html Tnx UA6AA and many others.

Release information (4.5.2) (July 3, 2010)


  • Bugfix : Fixed a problem with registration in some versions.

Release information (4.5.1) (June 27, 2010)


  • Bugfix : MP3 information files dialog could lead to a crash if no mp3 file were present in the current log directory.
  • Bugfix : ARI Sezioni - RTTY : Only valid 4 digits codes can be now grabbed from the RTTY wnd as an exchange. Tnx IK0CHU.

Release information (4.5.0) (June 5, 2010)

New Features

CAUTION: New network protocol version 1.24 released

Reminder: If you use WT in a networked environment, you must have the same WT version on all machines!

These network modifications only affect the use of Win-Test in a WAN environment, and requires wtTunnel 1.12 (to be released) to be effective.

  • Workaround: YCCC SO2R Box outputs were not working as expected. At this time, AUX1 and AUX3 are assigned to Radio1, and AUX2 and AUX4 to Radio2. This will be customizable in the future.
  • Added a Extraction Feature in Contest Recorder (right-click in the Contest Recorder Window, and chose the "Extract and Save QSO" menu).
  • Text commands : MP3SETUP and SCRIPTS commands added. Tnx N6TV.
  • Scripts manager dlg : The delete key now acts like clicking on the Delete button.
  • New microHam device "USB micro2R" supported. Tks OM7ZZ.
  • Radio Wnd and DX Cluster Wnd (Alt-A) : New leading indicator (#) introduced to tag spots coming from a CW Skimmer (aka the spotter callsign ends with "-#").
  • CW cut numbers translation : New option in Tools / Data entry to disable the automatic translation. Note that this translation is performed on a contest and worked station contextual basis. The equivalent text commands are CUTON and CUTOFF. Do not use CUT/NOCUT that are reserved for CW cut numbers generation ! Tnx N6TV.
  • EXPERIMENTAL : New "Always On Top" option in the Options / Windows menu. Can also be (re)set with text commands. Tnx N6TV.


  • Bugfix : IC-7600 : Split was broken. Tnx N3MX, I2WIJ.
  • Bugfix : In M/* configuration, and under certain circumstances, the mp3 files list associated with a station in the MP3 file information dialog could be wrong.
  • ARRL DX : CW cut numbers are translated for DXCC stations worked from the US/VE side.
  • MP3 setup : Only the CBR codecs are now displayed in the setup dialogs. The usage of the ABR codecs (most of the LAME ACM ones) is too erratic to be trusted in. Tnx N6TV.
  • Bugfix : REF HF : Cut numbers were translated for TK stations (2A). Tnx F5CQ.
  • Bugfix : Additional CW messages (Alt-C) : When no log is opened, the function keys are now disabled.
  • Bugfix : Recorder wnd : Under certain circumstances, the buttons tooltips were not always displayed.
  • Bugfix : HA DX contest : When working contest from the HA side, cut numbers where always translated, whereas it had to be so for non-HA callsigns only. Tnx HA3LN.
  • Contest Recorder: the "rotate file" option were disabling the AutoStart one. Fixed. Thanks IK2JUB.

Release information (4.4.0) (January 17, 2010)


  • Bugfix (#255): K1EL WinKey USB CW timing becomes very poor (Farnsworth style) when PTT delay is default 50 ms. This was caused by too low hardcoded value (80ms) of the PTT Tail delay. This delay is now configurable in the Winkey Properties Dialog Box. Tks F5JSD, SM5AJV, KL7RA and N6TV.
  • Bugfix (#253): Input Wave Device was not properly selected in the Contest Recorder Module. Tks N6TV, NR5M.
  • MP3 files information dialog : Under certain circumstances, the displayed stop time and duration of the selected file were wrong. Tnx N6TV.
  • Bugfix (#271) : Packet window (Alt-T) was losing focus when the gab window was automatically closed. Tnx DL6RAI.
  • Bugfix (#272) : Under certain circumstances, pattern checking flags were not updated if an entered callsign was modified. Tnx DL6RAI.
  • DARC 10 : Leading zeros addition for serial received was broken. Tnx DK1AX.
  • Bugfix : MP3 files recorded in 2009 couldn't be listened to anymore in Win-Test in 2010 ;-) ! Tnx DL6RAI.
  • Bugfix : Stew Perry : Under certain circumstances, an overflow error could happen in distance calculations for Q inside the same GridSquare as the entrant. Tnx VE3TA.
  • Bugfix (Task #270) : ARRL 10 : When running the contest from the DX side, the serial sent was not editable. Tnx CX6VM.
  • Bugfix : RTTY wnds : Left-click to activate (and right-click to open the contextual menu) in the text area were broken. Also, the possibility to Ctrl-Drag these windows has been added.
  • Bugfix : ARI 40/80 contest in RTTY : The provinces can now be grabbed in the RTTY wnd. Also fixed for the ARI International Contest. Tnx IK0CHU.
  • Bugfix : The Inventory and Score broadcast network frames could have bad data. Tnx SV3SJ/F5VIH.
  • Bugfix : After opening a non-empty log, the first PgUp press was not updating the child windows.

New Features

  • Added some new features of the WK2 (WKUSB) for the PTT Tail. Tks F5JSD, K1EL.
  • OmniRig supported as an alternative to the WT build-in Radio Control. Right-click on the Radio Window then choose "OmniRig Settings" in order to properly configure OmniRig for your Radio.
  • IC-703 rig added.
  • First attempt in OTRSP (Open Two Radio Switching Protocol) protocol support. Tested with the YCCC SO2R Box but not in real conditions. Tks K1XM.
  • Log output : Progress bar implemented. Tnx TF3CW.
  • Edit / Move in my log menu item has now text commands equivalents: MOVEINMYLOG (or SCROLLMYLOG) and NOMOVEINMYLOG (or NOSCROLLMYLOG). Tnx 5B4WN.
  • Rate wnd (Alt-R) : Two methods are now available to display the elapsed time since the last band changes. Tnx F1NGP and TK5EP.
  • MRU (Most Recently Used) file list added in the File menu.
  • IC-7600 rig added.
  • ICOM rigs : Radio list rearranged alphabetically in the Interface Setup dialog.
  • Bugfix : RTTY wnds : The invert function was also inverting the character next to the selection.
  • RTTY wnds : Mirror zone enlarged to allow 4-figures serials.
  • RTTY wnds : Callsigns found in the database or in the log are now displayed in bold.
  • RTTY wnds : Colors management added.
  • Grid Squares wnd : It can now be enlarged to the entire world. Tnx F8BBL.
  • Grid Squares wnd : New options in the contextual menu to display fields only, and to center the map on a specific point more easily (it requires the map is NOT centered on the Home QTH in the properties dialog).
  • Grid Squares wnd : The resolution (low or high) chosen in the properties dialog wasn't properly saved.
  • CQWW WPX Contests (Task #269) : Various updates to comply with the new rules introduced in 2010. Tnx K5ZD, W0YK.
  • ARRL Contests : Default Off-time period set to 30 mins. Tnx CX6VM and DL6RAI.
  • New "-n" or "--noautoload" switch allowed in the command line to disable the autoload log feature. Tnx N6TV (The only Win-Test user who runs it from the command line ;-) ).
  • Startup time reduced.
  • CSV and Text exports : HF logs can now export distance and heading. CAUTION : To ensure consistency with the VHF logs exports (and many geographical processing softwares or online apps), the longitude is now positive for East, and negative for West.
  • Tools / Check log / Callsigns syntax check added. Uses the pattern callsigns rules file (callsign.pat).
  • LUA : wtArg can now be used to get the optional argument set in the Script Manager or in a #SCRIPT(argument) call. To ensure compatibility, wtArgument remains usable.
  • Bugfix : Under some circonstances, some key assignments to scripts were not working properly. Tnx DJ0ZY.
  • Script key assignment dialog : If no key is assigned, the argument field is now automatically cleared and disabled.
  • Lua : New API to get the type and the manufactuer of the radios: wtRadio*:GetTypeId() and wtRadio*:GetManufacturerId(). Reminder : wtRadio* applies to wtRadio, wtRadioInactive, wtRadioPrimary, wtRadioSecondary, wtRadio1 or wtRadio2. New Lua WT constants are introduced for this purpose. A new directory on our download repository has been created to gather the API and the constants lists : http://download.win-test.com/v4/lua/
  • REF 160 : As non-domestic stations can send non-numeric exchanges the CW cut numbers translation is now disabled. Tnx F5IN.

Release information (4.3.0) (November 23, 2009)


  • Bugfix: playing back MP3s recorded on different stations was broken. Tks FY5KE.
  • Contest Recorder (#253): USB Voice Codec was not detected due to a trailing space in the Codec Name. Fixed. Tks N6TV.
  • Bugfix (#182): Wrong QSX Frequency in Self-generated Spots. Tks K1GQ.
  • Bugfix (#262): CQ Repeat doesn't stop for Secondary Radio. Tks DJ0ZY.
  • Bugfix (#259): Pressing Alt-1 in Secondary Radio window moves QSO to wrong band. Alt-1/2/3/... are now active only with the Primary radio and when the Partner Wnd is open. Tks N6TV.
  • Bugfix (#251): NA Sprint - LOCATION record not written to Cabrillo file header. Done also for IARU HF, NAQP and NCCC Sprints. Tks N6TV.
  • Bugfix (#243): WPX contest now requires LOCATION in Cabrillo. Done also for CQWW even if it doesn't seem required yet. Tks N6TV.
  • Bugfix : Ukranian DX contest and RDXC : Cut numbers were translated even for Oblasts. Tnx F5IN and RK1AA.
  • UFT HF : Under some circonstances, the received report was not correctly translated with cut numbers. Tnx F5IN.
  • CQWW M/S : The 10-minute mult timer in the status window (Alt-J) was broken. Tnx FY5KE.

New Features

  • Italian translation added. Tks IV3IYH!
  • Search for Possible Bad Exchanges against bad formated serial number implemented. Tks N6TV.
  • Added some basic checks for ARRL SS in the "Search for Possible Bad Exchanges" tool. Tks N6TV.
  • The '<' and '>' keys are now interpreted by the Secondary Radio Window as well, as far as the SHIFT key is not used for binding to the Secondary Radio Window (task #216). Tks N6TV.
  • WAE : When using the keyboard mode in the QTC transmitting and receiving dialogs, the Enter key was mis-interpreted. And now, in CW, the "what you type" field is also updated. Tnx DL6RAI and DJ4MZ.
  • Lua : New API to play the additional CW/RTTY messages (Alt-C set)

AdditionalMsgIndex is the index of the Alt-C messages set (1 to 12). Others are ignored. This API is useful when these messages contains variables. If not, you can still use wtKeyer:Play("$MSGx").

  • Lua: New API introduced to get various interesting directories paths:
 wtApp:GetLogPath()         Current log directory path
 wtApp:GetAppPath()         Win-Test installation directory path
 wtApp:GetCfgPath()         \cfg directory path
 wtApp:GetCtyPath()         \countryFiles directory path
 wtApp:GetDatabasePath()    \databases directory path
 wtApp:GetOpPath()          \ops directory path
 wtApp:GetScriptPath()      \scripts directory path
 wtApp:GetExtraPath()       \extras directory path
  • WAE : Transmit and Receive QTC windows : Scripts are now allowed in the predefined CW/RTTY messages (use the #SCRIPT notation as usual). Tnx DL6RAI.
  • Ukranian DX contest : Rules 2009 now accept single mode entries for DX : Cabrillo file output updated. Tnx F5IN.

Release information (4.2.0) (October 21, 2009)


  • Bugfix: Conversion of binary file containing QTC from v3 to v4. Tks DJ4MZ.
  • Better support of Win7 and Wine/Linux.
  • Bugfix (#258): Failure of swap radio key to switch rx focus for the MK2R+ as long as one not manually changed the rx focus to stereo or transmitted anything in CW. Tks GW3NJW, OH1JT, OM7ZZ, W4TV.
  • Cosmetic: avoid rx focus leds flickering when switching tx focus. Tks OM7ZZ.
  • Bugfix (#187): Ctrl-Shift-Tab doesn't appear to toggle RUN / S&P in Secondary radio window. Tks N6TV, GW3NJW.
  • Bugfix : K3 serial port default setup modified : The number of stop bits was wrong - It is now set to one stop bit, according to the K3 users manual. Tnx N6TV.
  • ON Winter and Spring contests : Sections list updated. Tnx F5IN and ON5GQ.
  • Bugfix (#257) : CQWW DX RTTY : Cabrillo template modified to match the specs. Tnx N6TV.
  • Bugfix : CQWW DX RTTY : Allowed band changes modified to 8 in MS and M2 categories (rules 2009). Tnx F5JY.
  • Bugfix (#164): TI5/NP3D is now parsed as TI. Tnx JE2UFF/W2UFF.
  • CTY files : 4U30VIC now considered as 4U1V in an appropriate way. Tnx DL6LAU.
  • Bugfix : After reloading a WAE log, the QTC count in the Summary window was wrong. Tnx DK1AX.

New Features

  • Scripting: wtQso:GetModeId() and wtKeyer:GrabHighlightedCallsign() function added. Note that wtKeyer:GrabHighlightedCallsign() works only in RTTY, and relies on the INSERT key option set in the RTTY setup dialog.
  • New option in the Clock wnd to "wizz" this window a la MSN at rounded hours, to draw attention of the op (useful in multi-op configurations).
  • New feature in Tools / Scripts manager... : Allows to edit, create, delete or rename scripts. It's also used to assign a key and/or an argument to a script (its value will be available in the wtArgument global variable).
  • Scripts called by an assigned key can return +1 to be called again *after* the WT key processing ooccured. A new API wtApp:IsPostKeyProcess() is introduced to distinguish the "pre"- process from the "post"-process.


RunSPSwitch.wts (assigned to Ctrl-Tab) :

  if (wtApp:IsPostKeyProcess()) then
    if (wtQso:IsOperatingModeRun()) then
      wtApp:SetWindowColor(-1, 0, 165, 165);
      wtApp:SetWindowColor(-1, 128,128,128);
    return 1; -- Triggers a post key process call

Note : This feature works only for users scripts called with an assigned key (and *not* with embedded overriden scripts).

  • Scripts can now be called from a CW or a RTTY message. You must use the #SCRIPTNAME(ARGUMENT) notation. The argument (and parenthesis) are optional. The script will be called synchroneously, but is executed in the main thread, meaning that it is not blocking the CW/RTTY stream.
  • New feature in Options / Script Editor configuration : Allows to use any external text editor to edit scripts. The default text editor is a custom package of SciTE (Scintilla Text Editor - free and open source) available on our repository


Unzip the package and move the entire SciTE folder in the Win-Test installation directory.

  • YO DX Contest : Rules 2009 : In mixed mode, a station can be worked in both modes. Tnx N2YO.
  • Tools / Check log for possible bad exchanges : When the contest do not use serial numbers, use the QSO index in the report remarks. Tnx F1HAR @ TM0HQ.
  • Keys redefinitions : The Pause and Scroll-Lock keys can now be used. Be warned that Ctrl-Scroll-Lock and Ctrl-Pause (that are considered as "identical" by the system) are used by Windows to cancel dialogs. Thus, it is advisable to not use them for key redefinition.

Release information (4.1.0) (August 8, 2009)

New Features

  • IOTA contest: "Search for possible bad exchanges" (tools menu) implemented.
  • Rotator Azimuth orders are now based on the locator instead of the DXCC on 50 MHz and above. On 50 MHz and 70 MHz, if the locator field is empty in the log, then the azimuth is computed against the DXCC prefix.
  • New text commands RUNSP/NORUNSP and RUNSPON/RUNSPOFF to enable or not the RUN/S&P switching. Tnx N6TV.
  • New contest files : You can now customize the file name and sub dir formats. See Options / Log / New contest files properties... Tnx N6TV.
  • IOTA contest : Default IOTA reference is now guessed, according to the new CTY_IOTA.DAT file (must be in the countryFiles directory). This file is based on DXCC countries, callsign prefixes, call areas and oblasts.
  • IOTA contest : Check mult wnd (F10) : IOTA references are now autocompleted for check during QSO entry.
  • New File menu items to explore more easily several WT-related directories. Tnx F5VIH/SV3SJ and N6TV.
  • DX Window (Alt-A) : Spot can be now passed to the secondary radio or the non-active radio. Tnx DL8WAA.
  • M2/Orion rotators added in wtRotators. Tks IK0HBN.
  • The RRTC Cabrillo files are now following the version 3 specs. And the contest name is modified as "OZCHR". Tnx F5VIH/SV3SJ.
  • CW and RTTY msgs enlarged to 120 characters.
  • Extra information files : Multiple spaces or tabs can now separate the callsign from the data. Tnx G0ORH.
  • New File dialog : Ensures the validity of the entered file name. Tnx DJ7MGQ.
  • ESM : S&P : When the entered callsign is a dupe, WT now blocks call. To override this behaviour, use F4 to call and F2 to send exchange (by default). Tnx GW3NJW.
  • VHF+ contests : Mode is now displayed in the main log wnd if the contest has been set to handle several modes (Mixed or All modes). Tnx DK2ZF and DL5NAH.


  • The displayed azimuth in the Rotator Window could be wrong in the "Stacks" and "Rotors" tabs.
  • EUHF : Statistics window (Ctrl-F9) limited to one day. Tnx F5VIH/SV3SJ.
  • IOTA contest : When an invalid IOTA was entered, clearing the field afterwards wasn't clearing the '?' flag.
  • Contest Recorder:
    • Infinite loop in MP3 file rotations. Tks DD5FZ.
    • Memory Leak using LAME encoder.
    • MP3 Codec enumeration in the player. WT was not always detecting the appropriate Codec.
    • Playback with Windows VISTA. Note that the LAME Codec is an Encoder Codec only.
  • When radios were swapped (*), the ESM QSO status was somewhat messy.
  • For some contests, the letters for cut numbers were inappropriately translated.
  • After a WT v3 file conversion, the main window caption was not updated.
  • MP3 files information : The file date was off by one month. Tnx F5VIH/SV3SJ.
  • Cabrillo Import : The station name for all worked QSO was CABRILLO. Now, it uses the name entered in the Contest Settings dialog. Tnx F5VIH/SV3SJ.
  • Callsign text color wasn't reset after F11 or empty callsign if the callsign check wasn't automatic. Tnx DJ0ZY.
  • Delete QSO : Several structures inconstancies fixed when a Q was deleted in the middle of the log.
  • In REG1TEST exports (European Standard File for V/UHF Contests), QSO logged in mode different than CW or SSB was not well formatted. Tks DL5NAH.
  • Options / Log / Colors... menu was broken. Tnx F5LIW.
  • Check Country wnd (F10) : Sun status bars now display "NO DATA" when SS and SR are not computed (JW, JX etc.). Tnx DJ0ZY.
  • (Task #245) Network advanced settings : The Bridgehead setting was not saved. Tnx KL7RA and N6TV.
  • Opening a .wtb file in the command line, by drag'n'drop or a double-click on it was starting an infinite loop. Tnx N6TV.

Release information (4.0.1) (June 30, 2009)


  • Options / Toolbar setting was ignored on startup. Tnx N6TV.
  • ESM was broken. Tnx F1HAR.
  • Registration Key was broken.

Release information (4.0.0) (June 26, 2009)

First release of Win-Test version 4

Minimum requirements : WinXP (2k not tested but may mork - feedbacks welcome). PIII 500 MHz - 64 MB RAM - 800 x 600 screen res.

New Features

Summary of the new features:

  • Rotators Controls
  • Integrated MP3 contest recorder and player: Use the Options / MP3 configuration to set the audo device that will record and play the file, the various sampling and bit rate settings. You can also set a maximum filesize. Over this limit, additional files will be automatically created. To start recording click on the record button of the window (a blinking red square will be displayed in the clock window too). Once the contest is over, click on the record button again to stop recording. Now, you can browse your log with usual arrow keys and to listen to a specific Q but clicking the Play button or use the AltGr-Enter combination (some keyboard do not have an AltGr key, so use Ctrl+Alt instead). You can also go back and forward with the adapted buttons or use AltGr-Left and Right. To pause/play, you can use the AltGr-Space combination.
  • ESM (Enter Sends Message): Enabled/Disabled by the Tools/Data entry/ESM Enabled menu. You can also use the ESM/NOESM or ESMON/ESMOFF text commmands. It relies on the following messages assignation :
 F1 : CQ
 F2 : Sent report
 F4 : Mycall
 F5 : Logged callsign ($LOGGED)
 F7 : ? (or "Again ?" in phone)
 INSERT : Callsign + sent report
 PLUS : TU + enter Q

When the ESM is enabled, as the return key *can't* be used anymore to log silently a QSO, the key combination Ctrl+Plus has been introduced and added for this purpose.

  • Variable speed for the integrated voice keyer : An exclusive Win-Test feature! You can play your voice files at a different speed (between -20% and +70%) from the original recording speed. Record your voice files at normal speed, and use Alt-F9/F10 (as in CW mode) to play them at a different speed. The speed in displayed at the bottom of the (Rate) Alt-R window.
  • On the fly callsign pattern check based on the K1TTT callsign.pat file (over 400 rules applied today). Use the Tools / Data entry / Callsign check menu option. You are encouraged to report the author any mistakes or improvements of this file (k1ttt@arrl.net). The file is located in the cfg directory (see below).
  • Improved F10 window with graphical indication of the sun status on both sides of the QSO.
  • Keyboard mode (Alt-K) enhanced. The backspace is not supported yet and replaced by "E E " like you do when you use a regular key.
  • Data (.wt4) and notes (.not) files can be transferred thru the WT network without needing any file or directory sharing. Very convenient to gather all logs in a multi-stations environment once the contest is over. Use the Tools / Download thru the network... menu.
  • Enhanced compatibility with Vista and Seven (Auxiliary and ini files are now stored in directories these OS accept with no additional rights:
 Windows XP : Documents and Settings\All users\Application Data\Win-Test\
 Windows Vista : ProgramData\Win-Test\

Note that these directories may be hidden by Windows Explorer. Check the Folders Options of Windows Explorer.

Several sub-directories are created and used by Win-Test. Their names are self-explanatory.