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Since Win-Test version 3 was released it now has the added support for RTTY contests using the MMTTY engine which is used in most Windows based contest logging programs.

Below is how to setup Win-Test for RTTY operation in the quickest and simplest way.

Downloading MMTTY Engine

Before you can get started operating RTTY, Win-Test uses the MMTTY engine by JE3HHT, so first task is to go to http://mmhamsoft.amateur-radio.ca/mmtty/index.html scroll down the page to where the title says "MMTTY Engine", download the ZIP file and unpackage the file into a folder where you will be able to find it. You will need to tell Win-Test the location of the mmtty.exe file.

Note: If you're already using N1MM Logger or WriteLog, you may already have this engine installed so it's worthwhile checking before-hand.

Win-Test RTTY configuration

Great, now you've got the engine downloaded and installed it's time to fire up Win-Test and get things setup!

Open the RTTY configuration box

Rtty config rightclick.gif

Open a contest file for a RTTY contest and once it has loaded, right-click on the Win-Test background and select "RTTY configuration"

Enable MMTTY

Rtty config box.gif

Now you've selected "RTTY configuration" you will be shown a box similar to the one shown above; here you need to click "Run MMTTY" checkbox.

Find MMTTY.exe

Rtty config mmtty.gif

In the RTTY configuration box, click the "Browse..." button and locate where you have placed the MMTTY Engine. For me it's D:\mmtty-engine165B. Select MMTTY.exe and click "open".

Note: If you wanting to do SO2R RTTY you need to remember at this point you need to have two copies of the MMTTY engine one for each radio then select the second instance of MMTTY.exe in the blank box.

Save Changes

Rtty config ok.gif

Once you are happy with all the changes click "OK" to save changes.

Setup MMTTY PTT Comport

Mmtty tx options.gif

Once your at this point you need to restart Win-Test and open up the log file again, this starts MMTTY engine, you now need to setup which comport it uses to key up your radio! In the MMTTY Window go to "Options->Setup->TX->PTT" by default its set to none so you need to select which comport it is and press "OK".

General Useage

So you've got it all setup and your keen to make some qsos! heres a basic guide.

Receive/Transmit Window

Rtty window.gif

By default Win-Test doesnt load the receive and transmit window automatically so you'll need to do this yourself but its easy enough! go to Windows->RTTY(radio 1) if your running SO2R RTTY you will need to go back and select RTTY(radio 2) aswell.

MMTTY Window

Rtty mmtty.gif

The above screenshot is of the MMTTY window which is opened when operating RTTY.

See Also

RTTY Contesting.com: Great tutorials on how to use MMTTY.