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The Win-Test wiki documentation project was originally started by Simon M0CLW as an additional source of information for Win-Test users. As time progressed, more users began contributing and the wiki as seen now is the culmination of many people's contributions to the project. A big thank you to everyone who has helped!

Authors and Contributors

We have highlighted the currently most active people here, but there are many more contributors who support our work or have provided a great amount of help to the project in the past. There are a lot of unnamed people who help out with their comments or supply answers on the Win-Test mailing list.

The list provided is in alphabetical order:

  • CT1BOH
  • DJ1YFK
  • DL4NER
  • DL5RMH
  • DL6RAI
  • DL8NAS
  • EB2CYQ
  • F5HRY
  • F5MZN
  • F6FVY
  • I2WIJ
  • M0CLW
  • M3PHP
  • N6TV
  • and many more...