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This project was originally started by Simon Pearson, M0CLW, as an additional source of information for Win-Test users. Time after time, more authors got on board. We see this documentation will finally grow into a complete reference manual that will - hopefully - be included with the Win-Test software distribution in the near future - thus replacing the slightly outdated ref_manual document.

Authors and Contributors

We highlight the currently most active people heare, but there are many more contributors who currently help in our work or provided a great amount of help to the project in the past. There are a lot of unnamed people who help out with their comments and also lot of unnamed people who write answers on the Win-Test support reflector.

Authors and Editors

The lists provided is in alphabetical order.

DJ1YFK, DL4NER, DL6RAI, DL8NAS, F5HRY, F5MZN, F6FVY, M0CLW, M3PHP, and many more...