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This project was originally started by Simon Pearson, M0CLW, as an additional source of information for Win-Test users. Time after time, more authors got on board. We see this documentation will finally grow into a complete reference manual that will - hopefully - be included with the Win-Test software distribution in the near future - thus replacing the slightly outdated ref_manual document.

Authors and Contributors

We highlight the currently most active people heare, but there are many more contributors who currently help in our work or provided a great amount of help to the project in the past. There are a lot of unnamed people who help out with their comments and also lot of unnamed people who write answers on the Win-Test support reflector. All the lists provided below are in alphabetica order.

Authors and Editors

DJ1YFK, DL4NER, DL6RAI, DL8NAS, F5HRY, F5MZN, F6FVY, M0CLW, M3PHP, (and all those I've forgotten to name here)...