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Window positioning is very easy in Win-Test. Simply click and hold the title bar on the window in question, and drag it where you want it! Releasing the mouse button will fix it in that position. Windows can be overlapped without a problem

Floating window layout

By default, Win-Test positions all its child windows within one big window (with a green CT-like background). However, we understand this may not be to everyone's liking. As a result, there is a floating window option which will position all the child windows where you like with the main window being resized also to just show the log data:

Configuring windows

Right clicking on a window enables you to configure various options specific to that window. For example, with most windows you can change the titlebar background colour (default is red for all windows) and also change the font size, weight and typeface (sans-serif or serif).

Changing the log font

You can configure the log font settings (size, weight and sans-serif/serif) by going to the Options->Long font menu. These settings can of course be altered at any stage during a contest with an opened log.

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