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Other present files in the Win-Test's directory :

  • wt.ini : Win-Test's initialization file. DO NOT MODIFY !!!
  • *.dtb : Database files. You cannot edit them. There are different files depending on the contest specifications.
  • cty.dat : DXCC countries file. Updated by AD1C. The latests versions are available at http://www.k1ea.com/cty/cty.dat
  • oblasts.dat : Oblasts determination file (used in the RDXC contest).
  • cty_cqm.dat : R-100 countries file (used in the CQ M contest).
  • mode.dat : Allocation of the principal modes in the bands. Used by Win-Test to specify the mode of the incoming spots regarding their frequencies.
  • gridsquare_map.bmp and map.dta : Files used by Win-Test to draw the gridsquares and world maps. You cannot edit them. DO NOT MODIFY !!!
  • Other files (.dat) : Zones equivalence files. Depending on the contest, they allow to use equivalent wordings when capturing the received report.

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