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Messages Variables

These variables can be used in programming CW messages using the F-keys. Some of these variables do not actually create output but rather perform actions at specific points in time, like the $CR symbol.

CW automation

  • $MYCALL: sends callsign set in contest configuration
  • $RST: sends report from RST field (normally 5NN
  • $SERIAL: sends QSO #
  • $ZONE: sends zone nr set in contest configuration
  • $LOGGEDCALL: send what's typed in callsign field
  • $CORRECT: send a call correction, if any
  • $INSERT and $PLUS: send messages in [INS] or [+] key
  • ++: increase speed by 2 wpm
  • --: decrease speed by 2 wpm
  • ^: the halfspace character with 1/2 dot duration
  • $QSOB4: send QSOB4 message
  • $F1...$F6: send the message associated with F1 ... F6 function key
  • $MSG1...$MSG12: additional CW messages (see Alt-C)


  • $GUESSEXCH (or $GUESSEXCHANGE): mimics a space bar hit (filling exchange field(s)
  • $GUESSZONE: filling exchange field(s) if possible, but cursor remains in the same edit field.
  • $CR: works like hitting [Enter] (log QSO)
  • $SPACEBAR: works like hitting spacebar-key (move cursor to exchange field)
  • $TAB: works like hitting [Tab] (move cursor to next field)
  • $REPEAT: reset the automatic repeat mode interval
  • $GRABSPOT grabs spot on the current frequency


  • $ALTERNATECQ (or $ACQ): swaps primary and secondary radios and send CQ on the secondary radio
  • $CQ: same as $ALTERNATECQ but does not swap radios
  • $R1R1: set audio of Radio 1 to left and right ear
  • $R1R2: set audio of Radio 1 to left and audio of radio 2 to right ear
  • $R2R1: set audio of Radio 1 to left and audio of radio 1 to right ear
  • $R2R2: set audio of Radio 2 to left and right ear
  • $RESET: cancels any manual change made in the audio control
  • $TR1: transmit on Radio 1
  • $TR2: transmit on Radio 2
  • $LATCH: sets latch mode

WAEDC QTC related

  • $GRNR: sends group number of the received QTC

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