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Load contest at startup

Allows to enable or disable the automatic loading of the last contest file in use. This command is useful to be quickly ready again if - for some reason - you quitted the Win-Test environment during the contest.

Automatic backup...


This enables or disables the automatic backup of the .wtb file to another location, e.g. network drive or floppy. You can choose between 1 and 120 minutes as automatic backup intervall.

Disable log synchronization on network

If checked, automatic log synchronization over the network (in multi/op environments) is disabled. May be useful under certain circumstances.


No sound

if checked, no CW sound will be played through the internal speaker.

Modify standard messages

The place to change the CW messages.


Please have a look on the list of message variables.

Modify additional messages

The place to change additional CW messages. e.g. special greetings, qsy/sked information, ...


Serial number

The leading zeros below 100 can be (or not) keyed by Win-Test, depending on the chosen option.

Similarly, there are 5 possible abbreviation levels for the serial numbers :

  • Not abbreviated
  • Half abbreviated : leading zeros are replaced by T.
  • Abbreviated : The 0 and the 9 are shortened in T and N.
  • Pro : The 0, 1, 4, 5 and 9 are shortened to T, A, V, E and N.
  • Custom - there is a custom table. so each number can be shortened to a letter of your choice. Have fun.

This option only affects serial numbers, but never numbers in callsigns.


Shortened spaces (CT spaces)

Auto sending...

Configure interfaces...

WinKey configuration...

EZMaster configuration...

RTTY configuration...

This menu entry opens the control box for RTTY configuration.


Allows to choose display of the LOG: fonts, colors, headings and so on.

Spots warnings

DX cluster shortcuts



Special option for the All Europe DX Contest.

For more informations about Win-Test and WAEDC see WAEDC.

Data files



if this option is checked, the Icons toobar is displayed below the menu. IconsBar.gif



It is possible to choose the language of the Win-Test user interface. Actually supported are

    • English
    • French
    • German

Thanks to DL6RAI for the german version :)

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