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Register software

Help / Register Software...
Even with the trial version, you can fully use Win-Test. There is only a time restriction that randomly resets Win-Test, and file logs are limited to 50 QSO.

To register Win-Test, after having aquired the licence, you just need to visit the Win-Test web pages and ask for a key code, by giving your machine's number displayed in this dialog box.

A key code will be given to you via email. Just copy it in the correct field, and validate. The limitations will then be disabled.


Use online Manual

Help / Reference Manual
If checked, links to the reference manual on the web, instead of using the local copy that has been distributed with the installation file.

Reference manual

Help / Reference Manual
Starts a browser and displays the reference manual.


Help / About
Displays the Win-Test version used, and allows a direct access to the Win-Test web pages [1].


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