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One band up

Modify the band of the current QSO (logging field), to the nearest upper band (vs frequency). While on 10m, the nearest "upper band" will be 160m.

You can also directly type the desired band (if the logging field is empty, of course), and even a frequency in kHz (such as 14265).

Keyboard mode

Shortcut ALT-K TODO Keyboard mode

CW Speed...

Shortcut ALT-V TODO CW Speed

CW weight...

TODO CW weight


Shortcut CNTRL-T. TODO Carrier

Split frequency

Shortcut - TODO split qrg

QSY frequency

TODO qsy qrg

QSY to run frequency

Shortcut ALT+F4.

This will bring You back to the last frequency on which You hit F1 (=cq, your last RUN freq).

Swap the frequency on both radios

TODO swap qrg on both radios

Take a sked

Shortcut ALT+E TODO Take sked

Pass a sstation

Shortcut ALT+D TODO Pass station

Copy-paste the previous QSO

Shortcut ALT+UP. TODO copy/paste

Receive QTC



Shortcut ALT+T. TODO DX-Cluster


Shortcut ALT+F3 TODO Spot

Propagation forecast

Shortcut CNTRL+P. TODO prop forecast

Insert into BandMap

Shortcut CNTRL+ENTER. TODO Insert into Bandmap

Active Radio

TODO Active radio

Station Type

TODO Station Type

CW Messages

TODO CW Messages

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