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Win-Test Documentation

<ol type="I"> <li>Preface

 <li>Authors and Contributors

<li> Installation

    <li>Download the software
    <li>Install the software
    <li>Registering the software

<li> Configuration

 <li> One-Time configuration 
  <li> Interface configuration 
  <li> DX Cluster configuration
  <li> Rotator Configuration
  <li> RTTY configuration 
  <li> Setting up networking
 <li> Pre-contest configuration


 <li> Running a contest
   <li>Logging QSOs
   <li>Contest specific behaviour
   <li>Posting live score on-line
   <li>Post contest specifics

<li> Menus

 <li>File (without a Win-Test file opened)
 <li>File (with a Win-Test file opened)

</ol> <li> More...

 <li>Icon bar
 <li>Text commands
 <li>Message variables (Macros)
 <li>Supported Contests
 <li>Supported rigs
 <li>Supported Accessories
 <li>Check Partial and N+1 Files
 <li>Database Files
 <li>Other Files
 <li>Release Notes
 <li>Release Notes V3

</ol> <li> Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) <ol>

 <li>Problems Registering and Running
 <li>DX Cluster and wtDxTelnet
 <li>Rotator Control and wtRotators
 <li>User Interface
 <li>Licensing Issues

</ol> <li> See also <ul>

&lt IBS;li>[]
 <li>Win-Test quick start manual &mdash; for Win-Test 3.11.0 (slightly outdated)
 <li>Win-Test Support Mailing List


PDF Documentation

This wiki information is also available in PDF format. The pdf is created once a day with automatic scripts.

Here You can also download the static WIKI content for updating your local help files.

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