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Welcome to the Win-Test documentation

Win-Test Documentation

Please note that there are still some gaps in the documentation here. This issue is being addressed and you will probably notice some changes in the coming weeks. Please bear with us, and if you have any suggestions, please let us know on the mailing list! [1]
Getting further support
Whilst you should primarily refer to this documentation, obviously not everything has been covered here (yet). As a result, there are other ways of obtaining the answer(s) to your question(s):
  • The Win-Test mailing list should be your primary source for support. Please note there are still gaps in the documentation, but rest assured, we are working on it!
  • You can often find the Win-Test team idling in the Win-Test IRC channel on the Blitzed IRC network. If you do not have an IRC client installed, you can use this web-based client, which requires no installation of any software.

One-time configuration

Things which need to be configured once only, rather than on a per-contest basis:

Pre-contest configuration

During-contest specifics

Post-contest specifics

  • Cleaning the log and exporting logs
    • Multi-op specific
      • Merging logs before exportation