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# [[configuration|Configuration]]
# [[configuration|Configuration]]
# [[running_a_contest|running a contest]]
== During-contest specifics ==
Articles related to using Win-Test during a contest:
* '''''Single-op contesting'''''
** SO2R specifics
*** [[SO2R/Second_radio_window|Learning the second radio window]]
*** [[SO2R/Shift_binds_second_radio|Using the 'shift binds second radio' option]]<br>''This feature changes some key assignments in Win-Test''
*** Win-Test and the EZMaster
**** [[SO2R/EZMaster/Setup|Setting up the EZMaster for use with Win-Test]]
**** [[SO2R/Advanced_SO2R|Using 'advanced SO2R' mode and setting up scenarios]]
* '''''Multi-op contesting'''''
** [[Multi-op/Gabbing|Using message gabbing]]
** [[Multi-op/Passing|Passing multipliers between stations]]
** [[Multi-op/Status_window|Understanding the status window]]
** [[Multi-op/Deleting_QSO|If you need to delete a QSO during the contest]]<br>''Do not use the 'delete QSO' feature''
*** Possible issues
**** [[Multi-op/Issues/Sequential_serials|Sequential serial numbers between stations shared between both stations]]
**** [[Multi-op/Issues/Editing_serials|Editing serial numbers]] (e.g. if a machine crashes and one log is out of sync)
== Post-contest specifics ==
And finally, articles related to Win-Test and post-contest tasks:
* Cleaning the log and exporting logs
** Multi-op specific
*** Merging logs before exportation
= See also =
= See also =
* [http://www.win-test.com/ref_manual/en/ Win-Test reference manual] &mdash; a description of the various windows etc within Win-Test itself
* [http://www.win-test.com/ref_manual/en/ Win-Test reference manual] &mdash; a description of the various windows etc within Win-Test itself

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  1. Configuration
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