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     <li> [[Configuration#One-time_configuration|Pre-contest configuration]]
     <li> [[Configuration#One-time_configuration|Pre-contest configuration]]
     <li> [[Running_a_contest|Running a contest]]
     <li> '''[[Running_a_contest|Running a contest]]'''

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Win-Test Documentation

  1. Preface
    1. Authors and Contributors
  2. Installation
    1. Download the software
    2. Install the software
    3. Registering the software
  3. Configuration
    1. One-Time configuration (things which only need to be set up once)
    2. Pre-contest configuration
  4. Running a contest
    1. SO1R
    2. SO2R
    3. Multi-OP
    4. Contest specific behaviour
    5. Post contest specifics
  5. Menus
    1. File (without a Win-Test file opened)
    2. File (with a Win-Test file opened)
    3. Edit
    4. Operating
    5. Commands
    6. Messages
    7. Tools
    8. Windows
    9. Options
    10. Help
  6. More...
    1. Icon bar
    2. Text commands
    3. Keys
    4. Message variables
    5. Supported rigs
    6. Supported Accessories
    7. Check Partial and Np1 Files
    8. Other Files
    9. Release Notes
  7. Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)
    1. User Interface
    2. Networking
    3. Licensing Issues
  8. See also
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