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#** [[running_a_contest#Post-contest_specifics|During contest specifics]]
#** [[running_a_contest#Post-contest_specifics|During contest specifics]]
# [[Menus]]
# [[Menus]]
#* [[Menu-file-nofile|File (without a Win-Test file opened)]]
#* [[Menu-file-open|File (with a Win-Test file opened)]]
#* [[Menu-edit|Edit]]
#* [[Menu-commands|Commands]]
#* [[Menu-messages|Messages]]
#* [[Menu-windows|Windows]]
#* [[Menu-options|Options]]
#* [[Menu-help|Help]]
# [[Icon bar]]
# [[Icon bar]]
# [[Text commands]]
# [[Text commands]]

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  1. Configuration
  2. Menus
  3. Icon bar
  4. Text commands
  5. Keys
  6. Supported rigs
  7. Supported Accessories
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