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Download the software

Win-Test is available in a fully-functional trial version for a 15-day period. You can download it from:

Note: Starting from Win-Test version 4, the installable file is no longer publicly available on the Internet. You will need access credentials to download the software, which you will receive by E-Mail.

In this trial version, the application randomly quits (between 30 minutes and 2 hours after startup), and export files (Cabrillo, Reg1test, ADIF) are limited to 50 QSOs. After this period, you may purchase and register Win-Test in order to use it without limitations or uninstall it.

With a Win-Test license that you purchase, you may request one or more registration keys to install the software on computers you own. A robot will send the key to you by E-mail to the address you provided when you bought the licence.

If you have a anti-spam software locally engaged or as a provider service, check the Win-Test robot emails are not stuck in its temporary box! It sometimes happens because these emails have bodies written in three different languages.

Install the software

Install the software in a directory on your harddisk you like, normally in

C:\Program Files\Win-Test.

You can install new versions over a previous version. If you upgrade to a new major version (like from V3 to V4) your old registration key will become invalid and you'll have to acquire a new one.

Although a Windows program, some have managed to get Win-Test running on Linux in a Windows Emulator called wine on Linux.

Registering the software

You can register the software on the website at

After you have entered your registration details, you will not see a "thanks for registering" dialog or such-like; however, you can confirm registration was successful by restarting Win-Test and if all went well, you will no longer have to press the [1], [2], or [3] buttons.