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What is the Win-Test network protocol?

The Win-Test network protocol is used for communication between the computers running Win-Test. It is based on UDP broadcasts (Wikipedia:User Datagram Protocol). Please see Networking for information on how to configure networking in Win-Test.

In a networked environment, can we mix WT v2 and WT v3?

No. As usual, you must have the same WT version on every connected computer.

It is important that ALL computers on the network are running the SAME Win-Test version! (For example do not run version 3.0.7 on one computer and version 3.1.0 on another.)

UDP socket #10013 and #10038 Errors

Installation of some HUAWEI HSDPA USB MODEM drivers is known to cause these error messages to appear whenever you try to use Win-Test networking. Please try the following:

  • Disconnect the Huawei USB modem
  • Uninstall the Huawei modem drivers via Control Panel, Add/Remove programs or the icon supplied with the software, if any
  • Delete or rename the Huawei sub-directory, if any, found under C:\Program Files
  • Test Win-test networking
  • Reinstall the Huawei modem drivers, but use a a newer software driver.

There are reports that a newer driver for the Huawei USB modem may fix the problem. But if you are no longer need to use the Huawei device on the Win-Test machine, do not install a new driver.

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