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Check Partial and N+1 Files

Pre version 3.3.5, Win-Test used a native database format for Check Partials and N+1 checking, called the DTB database file format which was mostly associated with a specific contest.

With that version, both the SCP and the DTA formats are additionally supported by Win-Test.

  • Win-Test accepts SCP plain text files. SCP stands for Super Check Partial. The structure of the file is simple, one callsign per line, no ordering required. SCP is the preferred format for Win-Test.
  • Secondly CT compatible binary DTA files (MASTER.DTA) are supported by Win-Test. These files are usually available before the major contest.
  • Finally, DTB files are supported for backward compatibility.

Win-Test now accepts specialised Check Partial files, separated by band and by mode for any given contest. This should improve log accurancy and QSO rate. To get more details on how to name these files so that they can be found by Win-Test in the right situation, please read This information has also been incorporated into the manual (see Naming Convention below).

If a file named DEFAULT.SCP or DEFAULT.DTA is in the WT directory, it will be used as default file for partial and N+1 checks instead of contest-specific default file.

Naming Convention

Win-Test allows the usage of 3 different formats :

  • SCP files : Plain textual - One capitalized callsign per line. No ordering required.
  • DTA files : Binary CT format - You can use MEdit ( to work on these files
  • DTB files : Binary WT format - Kept for backward compatibility.

Note that the "compact" DTA format offered by MEdit is accepted by WT.

The preferred format is SCP.

From version 3.3.0, WT allows one file per band, mode and contest.

This means that one can build specialized files for a specific contest, and even for one band and/or mode in that contest.

The naming convention of the check partial files are (where * stands for SCP or DTA or DTB) :

  • fileName_band_mode.*
  • fileName_mode.*
  • fileName_band.*
  • fileName.*

Finally, if WT do not find a specialized file for the current contest, it will use HF.* and VHF.* files.

These files must be located in the Win-Test installation directory.

Files names list :

9KCC15        : 9K CC contest
AGCW_HNY      : AGCW Happy New Year contest
AA_DX         : All Asian contest - DX side
AA_AA         : All Asian contest - Asian side
ARI_DX        : ARI contest - DX side
ARI_I         : ARI contest - Italian side
ARI_SEZIONI   : ARI Sezioni contest
ARRL_10_DX    : ARRL 10m contest - DX side
ARRL_10_USVE  : ARRL 10m contest - K/VE side
ARRL_160_DX   : ARRL 160m contest - DX side
ARRL_160_USVE : ARRL 160m contest - K/VE side
ARRL_DX_DX    : ARRL DX contest - DX side
ARRL_DX_USVE  : ARRL DX contest - K/VE side
ARRL_FD       : ARRL Field Day
ARRL_SS       : ARRL SweepStakes
BALTIC        : Baltic contest
CIS           : CIS contest
CQM           : CQ-M contest
CQWW_160      : CQWW DX 160m contest
CQWW          : CQWW DX contest
WPX           : CQWW WPX contest
CROATIAN      : Croatian contest
DARC_10       : DARC 10m contest
DARC_XMAS     : DARC X-Mas contest
EU_HF         : EU HF Championship
EU_SPRINT     : EU Sprint
GACW          : GACW DX contest
HADX          : HA DX contest
HELVETIA_DX   : Helvatia contest (DX side)
HELVETIA_HB   : Helvetia contest (HB side)
IARU_FD_R1    : IARU Field Day Rgn 1
IARU_HF       : IARU HF championships
IOTA          : IOTA contest
JIDX_DX       : JIDX contest (DX side)
JIDX_JA       : JIDX contest (JA side)
KCJ           : KCJ contest
KCJ_160       : KCJ Top band contest
KOS           : King Of Spain contest
LZ_DX         : LZ DX contest
NAQP          : North America QSO Party
NRAU_BALTIC   : NRAU Baltic contest
OC_DX_DX      : Oceania DX contest (DX side)
OC_DX_OC      : Oceania DX contest (Oceania side)
OKOM_DX_DX    : OK/OM DX contest (DX side)
OKOM_DX_OKOM  : OK/OM DX contest (OK/OM side)
PACC_DX       : PACC contest (DX side)
PACC_PA       : PACC contest (PA side)
TX_QP         : TX QSO Party
RAC           : RAC Canaday Day and RAC Canada Winter contests
RDAC_DX       : RDA contest (DX side)
RDAC_UA       : RDA contest (Russian side)
RDXC          : Russian DX contest
REF_HF_DX     : REF HF (DX side)
REF_HF_F      : REF HF (F side)
REF_160_DX    : REF 160m (DX side)
REF_160_F     : REF 160m (F side)
RSGB_1510_DX  : RSGB 15/10 (DX side)
RSGB_1510_UK  : RSGB 15/10 (UK side)
RSGB_160_DX   : RSGB 160m (DX side)
RSGB_160_UK   : RSGB 160m (UK side)
RSGB_80_CC    : RSGB 80 CC contest
RSGB_CMW      : RSGB Commonwealth
R_160_DX      : Russian 160 (DX side)
R_160_UA      : Russian 160 (UA side)
SAC_DX        : SAC (DX side)
SAC_SC        : SAC (Scandinavian side)
SP_DX_DX      : SP DX contest (DX side)
SP_DX_SP      : SP DX contest (SP side)
STEW_PERRY    : Stew Perry Challenge
TOEC          : TOE contest
UBA_DX        : UBA DX contest
UBA_SPRING_DX : UBA Spring (DX side)
UBA_SPRING_ON : UBA Spring (ON side)
UFT_HF        : UFT HF contest
UK_DX         : Ukranian DX contest
WAE_DX        : WAE contest (DX side)
WAE_EU        : WAE contest (EU side)
WAG_DX        : WAG (DX side)
WAG_DL        : WAG (DL side)
YO_DX_DX      : YO DX contest (DX side)
YO_DX_YO      : YO DX contest (YO side)
YU_DX         : YU DX contest 

For example, if you want to use a specific ARRL DX (DX side) for 80m you must name it :

ARRL_DX_DX_80.* (where * stands for SCP or DTA or DTB)

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