Check Partial and Np1 Files

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Check Partial and Np1 Files

Pre version 3.3.5, Win-Test used a native database format for Check Partials and N+1 checking, called the DTB database file format which was mostly associated with a specific contest.

With that version, both the SCP and the DTA formats are additionally supported by Win-Test.

  • Win-Test accepts SCP plain text files. SCP stands for Super Check Partial. The structure of the file is simple, one callsign per line, no ordering required. SCP is the preferred format for Win-Test.
  • Secondly CT compatible binary DTA files (MASTER.DTA) are supported by Win-Test. These files are usually available before the major contest. [1] [2] [3]
  • Finally, DTB files are supported for backward compatibility.

Win-Test now accepts specialised Check Partial files, separated by band and by mode for any given contest. This should improve log accurancy and QSO rate. Details on how to name these files so that they can be found by Win-Test in the right situation are available here. This information will be incorporated into the manual at a later time.

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